You’ve Got This!

In Courage, Spirit by Melani Marx

Hello there lovely!

It’s the Harvest Full Moon and I have been thinking about you. A lot.

I’ve been tuning in and listening to the heart and mind of all of us humans here on planet Earth and boy howdy is there a LOT going on, both above and below the surface of our gorgeous and rather complex and miraculous beings.

Choices. Decisions. Movement.

Realignment. Releasing. Re-birth.

All a part of the natural flow of Life and the transformative process that we are in the midst of individually and collectively here on planet Earth. 

At the moment there seems to be three different camps or themes we are finding ourselves in. You, dear one may find yourself firmly in one, have a foot in two –  or even all three! 

The first camp is inhabited by those of us that are moving full steam ahead – energized, reborn and cruising right along. Finally! Getting things done left and right. Checking things off our lists. Perhaps picking up speed after a period of deeper hermetic quiet and inner sorting. We are on a roll. Kicking butt and taking names.

The next camp is filled with those of us who had a VERY difficult, may I say intense, ass-kicker of an August.

Despair, Hopelessness and Doubt were a few of our companions in the Shadow Lands as we wrestled with deeper inner layers and/or outer circumstances demanding our attention. Aspects of self asking for healing and integration. Requiring patience, kindness and boat-loads of self love and compassion. 

Thank goodness the pressure has eased! We’ve come out the other side to some extent. The dam has broken, however we may still be feeling a bit tenuous and uncertain about how solid this new ground is. How sure the footing underneath us is as we step forward. We may even – on some level – be “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” 

Lastly there’s the camp filled with those of us that are taking it easy. Chilling out on the front porch-swing, lying on the grass, lounging in our chairs watching the world go by as we savor the last precious drops of sweet, sweet Summer, which we are just not ready to let go of yet!

We are feeling loose and easy. So not ready to get busy and hop on it. Mentally pushing away the “to do” lists and “shoulds” as we satisfy our need for pleasure and unstructured time. 

As I have been feeling into the energies afoot and asking what is needed, wanted for each of us, no matter what camp we may be in, I keep hearing this word – Reassurance.

OK, what exactly does that mean?

Reassurance: the action of removing one’s doubts or fears.

No matter what camp you’re in I bet you would welcome a dose of Reassurance. 

Reassurance to remember that you know that you really ARE OK.

That at the end of the day you can trust yourself. That there is hope.

Reassurance that you are not alone. That you are always securely connected to the Whole of totality. That dear one is science!

A reminder that we really are all in this together no matter what old, story or pattern about all alone, no support, the sky is falling that you are currently in the throws of. 

Reassurance and reminding that there is a bigger picture than what your busy, fearful mind at times might want you to believe. That there is a river of calm flowing just below the emotional upset. A strong steady foundation underneath the passing doubts and fears.

A reminder that there IS a great, grand forest – even if all you can see in this moment is the blankety-blank tree that is “blocking” your way, right in front of your beautiful, scrunched up face.

Reassurance and reminding that within each of us are ALL the resources we need to connect to the solutions we are calling in – for ourselves as individuals as well as for the wider collective. 

Reassurance that Summer will come again. As will Autumn, Winter and Spring. That there are always abundant opportunities for pleasure ahead – ready to kiss our cheeks, take out hands and make us smile.

Reassurance and reminding that you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment. That everything you need right now is most likely within three feet of you.

That your Soul knows the way.

That we live in a truly beneficent Universe. 

That right next door to the ugly you will always find beauty, if you look. 

That you really, truly have got this. 

So, no matter what camp you are in…

I made you a powerful piece of magic this afternoon in the light of the Full Moon –  Deep Nurture and Loving Reassurance for Your Innermost Being – to meet you exactly where you are. 

A Resonance Energy Session 
 Inspired by the Pisces Full Moon 

This Energy Session is powerful, deep and restorative Soul Medicine for our times.

Allowing you to remember and align to the truth that is INSIDE you.

Wash away the underpinnings of doubt, despair, fear, lack and the siren song of powerlessness. 

Unravel the misunderstandings of separation from Source.

Help you to see more clearly.

Stand more firmly in your Soul’s clear Light and knowing.

It’s almost exactly five minutes long.

I listened to it right after I made it and I could really feel the palpable and gentle power. My entire being thanked me.   

Listen as often as you wish – the affect is cumulative. There is no expiration date. 

Please – Share it freely.

Click here for an audio-only version of
Resonance Energy Session for Deep Nurture and Loving Reassurance

Ready for even more nurturing and nourishment?  Experience deep rest and restoration. Fully immerse yourself in Sound and Silence.

Join me from the comfy nest of your own home, getaway cabin, or weekend Airbnb for a one-day Restorative Sound Immersion Experience.

This Sound and Silence Immersion …

… is designed to meet you exactly where you are in the moment. It will dust you off, smooth the edges and lift you into a more connected, aligned and coherent version of yourself.

It’s simple – You bring your beautiful self, your open heart and mind plus your own intention. 

When:  Saturday, October 26, 2019

Three 45 minute Immersive Sound Healing Sessions. 

 9 am PT

12/noon PT

3 pm PT

Where: The comfort of your own nest at home, cozy cabin or weekend retreat at an Airbnb. 

How: Via internet or phone.

Sessions will be  recorded for re-experiencing all season. 

Financial Investment: $108.

Register here.

You may want to consider clearing the decks to fully immerse yourself during your Sound and Silence Experience. Shoo the partner and kids away for the day or weekend. Take yourself to a friend’s cabin. Book yourself a little Airbnb out of town. 

Once you’ve registered you will receive an email confirmation. 

Close to the Autumnal Equinox more details will follow, as well as some suggestions for making this a truly restorative, nourishing and satisfying experience just for you.

Will you do me a favor?  

I’d love it if you would share this with anyone you think might long for a delicious dose of rest, restoration and re-membering this Autumn!