"This class was life changing for me! Using the information and tools I learned in class I have created powerful new daily habits that empower and support me in so many ways. I feel much more present, self-aware and centered in my body. I find am no longer trying to fix things for others. Lifelong patterns are changing.”
Mary Jane, Minnesota

Your Electro-Magnetic Field

An Experiential Adventure

Dear lovely and extraordinary human,

In this class you will meet and learn the tools to develop a lifelong, effective and beneficial relationship with an extremely important part of your own energetic system – Your Electro-Magnetic Field or EM Field for short.

Your personal Electro-Magnetic Field intimately covers, surrounds and extends beyond your physical body. When it is operating appropriately you will likely feel more contained, embodied, enlivened, supported and intimately delicious within yourself.

A few EM Field factoids –

Your EM Field is essential to your own personal health and vital well-being.

When one’s EM Field is compromised it can have serious repercussions, such as — trouble sleeping; headaches; depression; anxiousness; mood disorders; dizziness; memory difficulties; trouble concentrating; strong reactions to environmental factors; difficulties healing chronic and/or lingering conditions.

Your EM Field is intimately connected to your nervous system and plays an important roll in not just your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health.

Your EM Field is a key component to having healthy boundaries and experiencing loving connected and clean relationships.

Although all living things have an electro-magnetic field — in order for you to experience optimal health and well-being in all areas of Life – your personal EMF Field is meant to be held close to the body and not shared with anyone but yourself.

"Since the class I notice I have better discernment. I find myself authentically saying “no" more often. I feel stronger. I find myself making better decisions.”
Kathi, Wisconsin

This class will be highly experiential.

You will learn tools and gain energetic understanding that you will continue to use for the rest of your life. As you use them these tools will develop, become personalized and get even stronger and more effective.

Some ways to know if this class is for you –

  • You sometimes feel exhausted being around people.
  • You consider yourself an empath or a “sensitive” human.
  • You want to have greater personal sovereignty.
  • You would like learn simple, self-empowering tools that you can utilize to support yourself in experiencing greater overall greater health and vital well-being.
  • You'd like to unlearn unconscious ways of working with your energy system that started as survival mechanisms in infancy and early childhood, but as an adult are no longer appropriate or serving you well.
  • You simply want to feel cleaner and clearer overall.
  • You often feel overwhelmed, drained or “triggered” in your relationships with those you love.
  • You have a desire to be more “on purpose” and aligned to your soul’s path on a daily basis.
  • You are in a “helping” profession.
  • You’re interested in developing your own personalized operator's manual for your personal energy system.
  • You desire a deeper, more intimate and nourishing relationship with yourself.
  • You sometimes feel too permeable and would love to have better boundaries/feel more contained and held more intimately as you move through the world.

Honestly, if you are a human and still reading this then you would highly benefit from this class. I can’t think of anyone I know who would NOT benefit.

"I would like to say first and foremost that I have found this class profoundly helpful. What I find the most helpful is the simple awareness I now have of my own energy. I feel more solid, intact and empowered. And more able to catch myself when I’m getting entangled with others. I realized how over involved I can be in things and people that is not healthy. I am grateful for the tools this class has provided, as I feel a lot more calm during this time of transition."

J, New Hampshire

So, not boring!

And if you are thinking science, boring or just another bunch of facts or info to fill your head when you think Electro-Magnetic Field. I wrote this just for you.

As I said above, I am not going in depth into the science of Electro-magnetics, 5G, etc. I will simply give a VERY brief context of science — since that is not the area where my greatest gifts and expertise lie.

When I began my investigation into EMFs almost nobody was talking about the subject. Now there are TONS of folks speaking about and even doing summits on the science and EMF mitigation. I will leave the science to them.

I will speak to how we humans have interacted, interfaced and unconsciously used our EM Fields in a variety of ways — since we were children — almost none of which support our health, vitality, sense of safety, autonomy, personal sovereignty or alignment to our Soul.

Because the vast majority of us are never taught that we even have an energy field, much less, shown how to directly have a conversation with or effectively interact with any of the various aspects of our energetic anatomy, these unconscious, early childhood ways of interacting with the world using our EM Field continue and seriously limit the efficacy of how we move through the world.

I will share about WHY and HOW we began to do this. I will both explain and facilitate experiential understanding of how we can now begin to have awareness and create ways of moving through the world — do things differently — which assists us to be clearer conscious emanators of our own Soul stream, which in turn supports greater health and well-being on ALL levels.

I will speak about how and why we actually merge our energy with other humans using our EM Fields in an attempt to increase our own safety, sense of control, create closeness, assist others, to name a few. I will also share why this is not a good idea, how to limit this and some suggestions for a new stance.

I will share about how the overly masculine paradigm we are enculturated and indoctrinated in, ie — the beliefs underlying our ways of moving through the world — has affected the EM Field and seriously weakens our spirit as well as our vital health and well-being.

Your personal EM Field is directly connected to your nervous system. Working with it consciously has a direct and immediate effect on settling into your own structure and feeling safer in the world. When you’re nervous system is heightened you are more likely to utilize your EM Field in ways that decrease overall well-being, autonomy and health in the long run.

“After a fright my nervous system was on high alert. I used the tools I learned from Melani. My physical body immediately calmed down. My brain came back on line. Having a relationship with my own energy system and my own structure create a sense of deep empowerment. A greater sense of control over my own life. This is valuable to me”
Magi, Oregon

The information I am sharing in this class is information from experience and tools that I have accumulated over decades of working with clients as well as my own exploration about EM Fields. This information is from my own journey and discovery, from mentors, teachers — but MOSTLY it is an energetic transmission, that happens when someone has integrated and viscerally come to know something.

I believe, as we go through these enormous shifts and changes globally, this particular part of our human energy structure — our own EM Field – is a most vital area to get to know and begin to consciously and effectively work with.

Anyone can do it, however the vast majority of folks do not have any idea where to even begin.

Most of what is out there about EM Fields is with regard to how to protect ourselves from the onslaught coming at us. This class focuses on what is closest to us and what we can learn to intimately work with and begin to have self mastery at — our own personal EM Field.

Your Electro-Magnetic Field: An Experiential Adventure
All the details -

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Each class will be…

Approximately 2 hours, with a small break, in our Zoom classroom.

Recorded – because you will want to go back and re-listen.

Intimate – small class size equals more individual attention.

Lots of fascinating and probably brand NEW material about your energy system and how it operates.

This is a TRUE discovery of self.

Experience and practice being in relationship with your EM Field.

Held in an extremely safe and sacred container for learning.

Allow for plenty of time for questions and answers. There will even be a follow up session a few weeks later so you can practice, experience, observe, jot down notes, discover and THEN ask questions.

Wishing you... Every. Single. Beautiful. Loving. Beneficial thing! Melani