Yep! Everything You Do Matters!

In Courage, Soul by Melani Marx

Hello lovely and amazing human,

Happy Lunar New Year! 

The New Moon in Aquarius that just occurred marks the beginning of the Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit/Hare. A definite shift from the very yang energies of the Tiger Year we just completed. 

Tuning into the energies of the coming year I feel a deep movement under the surface of things that I sense will foundationally shift the planet in ways we truly cannot yet imagine.

I find this exciting and hopeful. 

Much that has been pushed down and deeply hidden in our personal as well as collective psyches is coming into our awareness. The energies at play are powerfully calling us to release trauma held in our bodies, allow old buried wounds to release and heal so that we may adopt new, healthier and fresher points of view. 

In the recent call I hosted – Ride the Wave – Aligning to the Energies at Play –  I spoke about the importance of inner work and the why of it, along with tools and if I do say so myself, quite potent Healing Energy Transmission at the end to align each of us to the highest potential of these energies sweeping the planet. 

It was such a valuable time together that several folks have asked me to host more of these kind of calls. Absolutely! The next installment for the energies of 2023 will be in April. If you already know you want to participate here is the link.

If you missed the January Transmission and call and want to catch the replay – I’ve had several of you ask for it – you can read more about it and get it here.

After the call was over a participant sent me a truly great question that I want to share with you, along with my answer. I do love questions! 

“In the beginning you said something about how when we do our inner work we affect the collective we are helping to heal the world. I know my gut that’s true but how exactly does that occur?”

What a great question!

My experience is that as we do our own inner work we also increase our frequency and vibration. A result of this is that those things that have a lower resonant frequency begin to shake out, so to speak. 

This is when old material comes up into our awareness as it integrates, the knots of long held wounds and trauma release and the “glitches” they kept in place smooth out. We move more and more into Divine Order. We then have more and more access to our highest potential and truest self. 

 When I “look” at the mechanism of how this affects the Whole, I see these golden threads connected to the Totality of Everything. It is like a fine web of light all interconnected to each other, moving into infinity.

We individual humans are not disconnected from the Whole. At an energetic level we are already one with everything. This web I “see” is a web of connection that we are all a part of. It goes through the totality of our being. Like a fine net.

This is why every time one person does a piece of work or transforms, every time someone writes a book, creates music, makes a breakthrough, every time someone creates something, has an “ahha”.

Every time someone does something that has never been done in that particular way (think humans as unique individuals), it goes into the collective, goes into the wisdom bank of humanity. It is communicated along this “web of knowing”. 

It goes into what Jung called the collective unconscious. 

It is then available for other humans to utilize and tap into. It is now “in the field”. It helps facilitate the next human and the next to have this or a similar transformational experience, release that holding, let bonds of fear fall away, open to more of who they truly are.

As we do our inner work we increase the resonance and the facility with which other humans can do their inner work as well. 

Our inner work is never just for us. We are all facets of the Divine, Great Mystery, the One.

Whatever I, or another does affects and supports you. Not only do I radiate this through my own frequency and  greater coherence as I move about the world, it informs the “web” and all of humanity. 

Another import and to me rather exciting aspect of this – and something very timely as these energies at play are bringing what is unhealed and buried to the surface to be integrated – is something I was introduced to in a fabulous tiny book by Robert Bly called A Little Book on the Human Shadow. This book is a great and accessible read for anyone doing inner work. 

In it he says that when we don’t integrate our Shadow material, heal our deepest wounds, reclaim those aspects of self, which inhabits the unconscious realm, it floats around us a bit like a cloud in the collective and can be used to manipulate and control us by those in “authority”, including governments and the like. 

This book was written decades ago. Bly speaks of history and how leaders in the US and elsewhere leveraged mass consciousness and the unconscious, buried and unrecognized fear and buried wounds of the public to manipulate and persuade. 

When we are committed to doing our inner work the amount of Shadow material we clear has a great impact.

Not only do we have a more cohesive self-structure, that energy is no longer available to be used to hook and manipulate us as individuals. We have stronger inner authority so to speak. 

That reclaimed Shadow energy is also no longer available to be utilized  or weaponized in mass consciousness either.

Holy hallelujah! 

To me, that’s another deeply compelling reason to do our individual inner work.

Our inner work is never just for us.

We are never alone in this. 

What we do matters.

 So do you.