Wild Hair Transmissions

A morsel of magic, a wee reading, a message, an energy sound transmission just for you.

Stellar for...

When you are at a crossroads
Need a little nudge
Want a transmission from an oracle
You long for a spot of support and guidance on your own heroine’s journey.

Wild Hair Transmissions are spontaneous and spur of the moment.

I’ll connect with you and see what wants to come through and when. 
It might be when I wake up. 
While cooking dinner. 
Walking by the River, the Salish Sea. 
Drinking my beloved cup of tea in the morning. 
Driving down the road. 
Just before bed. 
I might pull a card, a Rune, sing to your Spirit and Soul, transmit words, sing up your name, use my rattle.

Perhaps one of my medicine stones will have a message for you.

Perhaps it will be the Land itself coming through.

Whatever arises in the moment – all for you.

    These Transmissions come through as images, stories, songs – communicating on multiple levels and speaking directly to your inner heroine.
    I will record your transmission and send it to you via email. Most likely there will be a photo along with it.
    These transmissions average somewhere between eight and twelve minutes long. 
    As I do these I will be tuning into right timing and am deeply committed to having fun and letting it flow – so your inspiration, magic morsel, message, healing transmission will arrive when the stars align or when Spirit whispers in my ear. Practically speaking in a week or three.

    I'll be opening this one time a month or so for the first twelve lovelies who are inspired to receive. When you click on the link you will know how many spots are available.
    The exchange is $88 for you and only you, my lovely missive reader. (Please do not share this page with others as this is a private offer.)

    Go Here to Claim Your Spot.

    Once this is complete you go on my to-do list and your lovely name goes on my altar as the conversation begins. When the tap on the shoulder arrives, the Transmission comes through.

    Then you simply hold the intention to be open, curious and receive the blessings.