When Push Comes to Shove

In Spirit by Melani Marx

Happy Thursday, Lovely Human! 

October is in full swing and holy wow, it’s a month of big projects for me, as well as a reunion with my three children, the rebirth of myself in ways I am just feeling into around the edges and the culmination of almost nine out of the last eleven months of continuous travel.

Feels like big stuff. 

As the weather has been shifting, daylight ebbing and rain falling here in the watery PNW I have been chipping away at those things that need done, as well as the always surprising left turns, unexpected additions and the ever-repeating details of daily modern life here on planet Earth.

And still my “To Do” list seems so LARGE! Yours too?

So yesterday, feeling the pressure on to “get it done” I took a bold and daring, may I say, revolutionary action instead. Even though deadlines were looming – I simply stopped. 

I grabbed my late morning tea, got in the car, drove to the Water and lay on the Land.

As I lay quietly on the Earth I felt… 

The solid and comforting lap of the Mother beneath my limbs. My body, gently yet firmly being held. 

Knots I was not even aware of loosened in my belly. 

My shoulders lowered. My neck relaxed. 

My breath lengthened. 

Deep spontaneous breaths filled my lungs to capacity and were released in long cleansing sighs.

My jaw softened.

Tension melted away

The thoughts in my mind that had been swooping and darting like swallows at twilight – stilled. 

I could feel the Autumn sun on my face. 

The cold breeze blowing my hair against my cheek. 

I landed. 

The sunlight on Water felt like a gorgeous light transmission of love and blessing. (I took a wee video to share with you. Find it just below.)

Oh, blessed Silence

Everything settled and became very clear.

Simple joy and well-being flooded in. 

My endorphins danced. 

My Spirit soared.

I spent a precious hour or so on the headlands. The air was so clear the snow capped Olympics seemed as though I could touch them!

A seal surfaced. I sang my appreciation, my prayers. Communed with the Trees. 

And then – I was replete. 

It was time to grab my stashed mug, walk back to the car and begin the business of the day – refreshed, recharged, inspired and truly ready.

And that list?

I was rather efficient and relaxed as I moved through it during the day. Even deleted some things I know are not essential. Simplified others.

Human and done is better than some unattainable, undone and habit driven idea of perfection or grand. 

I know I was – and always am – way more productive because I took care of my need for Silence. Time in Nature. Open space and Water. Rest and restoration.


Rather than sit and squirm at my desk, spinning my wheels, wishing I was in the sunshine, worrying and ruminating about not enough – time, ideas, inspiration or hands to get it done.

I am know I am deeply blessed. I also understand that I am the most important item in the equation of my own Life. I hold the power. I have the authority. I decide what happens to me on the inside. As do you.

My health and well-being, the energy I hold as I do my work has a powerful and direct correlation with the quality of what I am contributing to the collective field. And with what is returning. This is my clear and direct experience – over and over and over again.

I have an invitation for you…

Next time you are feeling that the pressure is on, that the squeeze has its grip on your sweet or not-so-sweet-feeling-self to “get it all done” – allow yourself to do the counter-intuitive.  

Take one small, yet powerful and revolutionary step to create more freedom and ease inside of yourself. To live a more humane life by stopping the runaway train of push and do – for a few conscious breaths, a cup of tea, a walk around the block, a poem, a mindful prayer of appreciation and gratitude. 

And then – keep doing it.

Schedule time on the calendar if you need to. Then fulfill that agreement with yourself – just like you would with an employer or a client. 

Show yourself that you can trust yourself. That pleasure matters. That you matter.

That you can count on yourself to be kinder, gentler, more tender and supportive toward yourself – to be nurturing to the most important person in your world – you.

Say “Yes!” to a precious and attentive conversation with a loved one, a nap, a few minutes to sit in the sun, your face like a flower turned toward the light.

To gift your precious self ten minutes, an hour, a day.

Stringing together new patterns of spaciousness and calm, as a friend just said to me – doing the very important work of “Nourishing your Soul.”

Let’s be clear – this is not a selfish act – true self tending is a self-less act. It supports us to be more present on a Spirit/Soul level versus a mental/personality or a habitual level. 

Self tending allows us to be more resourceful and that spreads to every nook and cranny of our lives. Self tending opens the channels and helps create the capacity for so much more of what all of us humans long for.

Peace. Connection. Safety. Belonging. Love.

This self tending thing is something we are all learning. Discovering. Practicing. 

And as you step out and and endeavor to tend ever more mindfully and skillfully to your Spirit, your precious humanness, to your self – I will be right there along with you as you do.

Sound and Silence – A Restorative Immersion 

A rare and precious opportunity to be supported and held – your spirit nourished as you are lifted back home to yourself. Time to take a deep restorative breath and allow everything settle. 

Join me for a day of Sound and Silence. I promise you will be glad you did come November and December. 

Sound and Silence… is designed to meet you exactly where you are in the moment. It will dust you off, smooth the edges and lift you into a more connected, aligned and coherent version of yourself. Your nervous system will be soothed. Your energetic load lightened. Your spirit restored. 

It’s simple – You bring your beautiful self, your open heart and mind along with your own intention for yourself. 

When:  Saturday, October 26, 2019

Three 30 – 45 minute Immersive Sound Healing Sessions, with lots of Silence. 

9 am PT 
12/noon PT 
3 pm PT

Where: From the comfy nest of your own home, getaway cabin, or weekend Airbnb – a one day Restorative Sound Immersion Experience.

How: Via internet or phone.

Sessions will be recorded for re-experiencing and/or enjoying later – all season long.

Financial Investment: $108.

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You may want to consider clearing the decks and fully immersing yourself during your Sound and Silence Experience. Shoo the partner and kids away for the day or weekend, even take yourself to a friend’s cabin or book yourself a little Airbnb out of town.

Or slip in and out… Make this your own and do what feels most delicious and supportive for you and your life.

Even do your own retreat on a later date using the recordings and suggestions I will share with you.  
Once you’ve registered you will receive an email confirmation, then reminders and suggestions to support your experience.

Will you do me a favor? 
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