What to do when you don’t know what to do…

In Courage, Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

Hello amazing human!

Thank you for sharing this time and space with me.
For co-habitating with me on planet Earth.

The last few days I have had several conversations with other amazing humans and the theme of being in transition has come through strongly. And the big underlying question was this….

How in the world will I get there from here?

I’ve been through more than just a few of these big Life transitions at this point. Here are a few things I’ve gained from my own experience. I wrote tthe following a while back, thought it might be timely and updated it.

Perhaps it may be useful. 

How in the world will I get there from here?

Simply like this… 
One foot. One word. One phone call. One breath. One step.
One small choice after another.
This is all it takes to build a bridge from where you are now to where you long to go, dear one. Where you know in your heart and Soul you are being called to.
You don’t have to know how. You don’t have to know what each step will look like or how many dollars it will take.
You don’t have to know who or what you will need to have with you along the way.
You don’t have to “figure out” a strategy or create a time-line.

You don’t even have to know what the destination looks like. 

You feel it in your body, your heart, your Spirit.

You re-member that you are on this glorious, riotous Adventure called Life because you ARE here for a reason, even if you are not totally clear on what exactly that is. You know this. Inside. Even if you’ve never told anyone else.
You are here, engaged, participating, coming back and doing your inner work because you are called. Called to something “more.”
This mighty inner sojourn – I call it the heroine’s journey – you are on is one made up of trials, challenges and choices. Of shadow and brilliance. Of magical unfoldings, synchronicities interspersed with signs from the Universe and little breadcrumbs marking the trail.
You remeber to remind yourself that over time, you can trust that whatever is needed always shows up when and how you need it. That it may already even be here – you just may not, in this moment clearly see its true nature.

So hold fast to your heart, dear one. Your vision of what is possible.

Remember to keep good company that uplifts and supports your vision for yourself, for your family, for the world you wish to inhabit. Those that are unafraid to be real and true with you.

Hang with those that speak your soul language, encourage you to find your own inner knowing, to follow your own guidance, to let the truth of who you are truly shine through.

Find those that have walked the path you are walking now, whose strength and wisdom can shine a light into the darkness ahead.

Dream large and feel the truth, the power, the strength of your dreams.

Care ever so very tenderly for yourself.
And take one step. 




You already know what that is! Perhaps it’s take a bath. Or fix dinner. Or sit outside. Or make a phone call.

Simply one right this moment step.

A wise woman once said to me, “Do the One thing.” Do that!

Once you do, pause. Then you will know the next step.

And then the next.

And the next.

Remember… being intuitive is NOT the same thing as “seeing” or “knowing” the future!

Intuition is a very human and in the moment perception. We alll have it. Follow it no matter how small the step, the whisper and it gets clearer and louder.

Follow it through fog.

Through the inevitable storms that will temporarily throw you off course.

Through the deep dark of night.

Through sunshine and through rain.

Pause. Breathe fully and find the place of ease. Of opening. Of small welcome.

Move deliberately into that.

One step. 

And then another. 

And another.

This becomes a practice. A steadying thread inside your being.

Over time you will learn to learn to catch yourself when your mind travels out into the future and you feel afraid. You learn to simply bring yourself back, because you know that going out into the future creates anxiety in the body. Your precious body needs you to be here. Embodied. Present.

You learn to remind yourself to look around and to notice that, right now – in THIS moment – all is well.

That the future always takes care of itself. That you are still here.

You remember that possibility is infinite and potent – and you, dear one are consciously and deliberately calling in and opening to the best possible solutions, potential and future for your life.

You remember that things sometimes, often, fall apart before they come to together in new ways we never could have imagined. And sometimes, often, that takes more time than we’d like. Right timing is everything. You are being made ready to receive whatever your heart is caling you toward, 
You practice gently turning yourself away from the past, to not dwell or seek direction there – because it has no true bearing on this present moment. The solutions you seek are not there – they are in front of you and inside you.
This now moment, this sacred journey you are in the midst of stretches out before you.
What is behind you – all of your past experiences and understandings – continue to generously pave the way in front of you with the skills, wisdom and the resilience you require. 
This will serve and support you so beautifully as you take each and every step forward.

There is a beautiful method to the “madness!”

You remember to allow yourself to rest when you need to. When you find yourself confused. Out of sorts. Weary.

This is NOT the time to decide or forge ahead.
You remember that you need to play as well as to build and work. This too is part of your sacred path.

You remember that pushing and forcing, straining depletes your vital life force and creates a tension that slows the process down. Resting, pausing and breathing opens the way for inspiration and blessings to dance with you.

You learn to rest more deeply into your Self.
You come back more and more often to this moment. To your luminous breath. Your wise animal body. Your own inner knowing.
And then – you take the next step. Even. Especially when it feels odd. Out of the ordinary. New. Unknown.
The tendrils of fear around the edges tells you it is – new. Unknown. That you are breaking new ground. Planting new seeds. This is what new often feels like!
You listen to the inner urgency and direction that whispers… do this. NOW. You learn to trust that voice. And you learn that you can trust yourself more fully.
You feel ever more deeply into what serves and what does not.
You unwind the fetters surrounding your wild, expansive and inherently free nature.
You follow the Light that is shining steadfastly within your own precious being. The radiance that resides safely in the cavern of your deepest knowing. The luminosity that never wavers – even when you have turned away from yourself. 
That Light is always there. Waiting patiently. Steady. Strong. Solid. 
Illuminating your way forward.

You learn over time to accept and open to everything Life brings to you with greater welcome. That nothing is lost. That dead ends are really not dead ends. There are no wrong steps or turns, only course corrections and opportunities to gain clarity about yourself and what it is you DO want. 

More often than not you need to forge out in a direction, take the actual steps to learn that where you are going is not a final destination, but a journey and this is simply the next leg. Each step supports the next. And all of it is an adventure. 

And after a time you begin to know in your bones that you cannot get this thing called Life wrong!

You know in the depths of your being, that this – yes this too, whatever it is, is taking you deeper. Taking you wider. Taking you home to yourself. To the one true spot in the cosmos that only you, dear one, can inhabit.
Only you, dear one.
Only you.

You are the only one that can fill it. The only one that has your unique blend of gifts, talents, experiences.
One step. 
One moment. 
One breath at a time.

I have utter faith in the efficacy of your Soul and Spirit to unfold Life in exactly the right timing and manner for you.

That you have intrinsically within you all that you need to complete the journey.

That you absolutely know what the very next thing, the very simple next step is. 

Roses take a long time to fully open, but when they do the beauty is breathtaking. So are you.