What really slays me…

In Celebration by Melani Marx

Kindness slays me.

Always has. Probably always will. Especially when witnessing or being the recipient of the kindness of strangers.

Having someone I encounter – especially if I’ve been having a bit of a challenging day – be present, kind and compassionate is sure to not only shift my experience of the day – it is guaranteed to open my heart, soften my defenses and almost always bring cleansing tears of appreciation and gratitude.

Kindness reminds me of the intrinsic good in humans. That beauty and Grace are available at any time – in any moment. That love is the underlying thread – the glue – that holds It and all of us together.

Kindness reminds me that, YES! Anything good CAN happen. Anytime. Anywhere – In the most surprising and unexpected ways.

And that this is what we call miracles.

It reminds me that kindness can be a truly courageous act. That it matters.

That every single thing we do matters. Every smile. Every kind word. Every acknowledgment. It all makes a difference. To someone. To the morphogenetic field of humanity. To us, individually and as a Whole.

Kindness feeds us – as the recipient but even more so as the one who IS kind. Who offers it to another human along the way.

Kindness lifts our heart, our spirit, our energy.


Research shows:

1. Exercising compassion stimulates the same pleasure centers associated with the drive for food, water and sex.

2. Practicing compassion with intention has a positive physiological effect on the body. It can lower blood pressure, boost your immune response and increase your calmness.

3. Not only are we hard-wired to be kind, but it is essential for the survival of our species.

4. Recognizing common fears or vulnerabilities rather than differences — be it with a difficult friend, an abrasive colleague or a noisy neighbor — calms the nervous system, boosting feelings of contentment and self worth.

More: http://tinyurl.com/n2m3t2t

The above was in Rob Brezsny’s newsletter this week.

Reading this tidbit caused me to slow down. Get quiet.

To consider once again an old practice of mine that I would do when life felt especially difficult. A practice that would shift my perspective – and therefore my well-being – when I felt besieged by the challenges of raising three independent and frankly a bit wild teens as a single mom, running a business and endeavoring to live an authentic Life as a human on planet Earth.

It was simply this – Each day I made it my goal to do three kind things. Three good deeds, so to speak.

It could be –

Feeding the birds.

Sending a note of appreciation or support to someone.

Calling a friend and lifting their spirits.

Smiling at every person I encountered and wishing them a heartfelt “good day!”

Looking out for opportunities to open a door, be present, pleasant and well – kind!

It might be anything I could imagine that would bring more kindness, more light, more generosity, more love into the world.

This daily practice took me out of focusing on my own pain,
“problems” and preoccupations. As well as the world’s.

It lifted my spirits.

I felt more powerful and at cause when I made this my practice – rather than a victim of circumstance and at effect.

It helped me be more kind, generous and loving toward myself.

I became a simple way to contribute to and help create the world I REALLY wanted to live in – for myself and for my family and children.

As I did this I began to look for more and more ways to be kind and this practice began to more deeply inform my life.

I was kinder to my children. To strangers. To the natural world.

This morning I decided once again to begin this practice. Not because my problems are looming or life is difficult.

Because I, the planet and every human on it – in my estimation – could do with more deliberate kindness about now.

More unexpected beauty.

More grace.

We all – each and everyone of us – needs MORE love – Not less.

More compassion.

And yes – more kindness.

And because it just plain feels good and is so good FOR me.

Will you join me in this?

Kindness matters. Your actions and intentions matter.

And so do you matter, dear one. So do you.

Let’s be a powerful force for love, kindness and generosity in our own lives – and in the world.