Are you unwittingly throwing obstacles in your own way?

Are you unwittingly throwing obstacles in your own way?

In Soul by Melani Marx

The power of connection and reflection

I have been having truly insightful and enjoyable conversations with some of you this past week. Every one of them has been satisfying, delightful and gifted me with much.

I feel a greater sense of connection with you, a deeper awareness about what is important to you. What you long for with your whole being. What you value and care about. What you want more of.

I have a deeper sense of the places where you feel like you have hit a wall. I have a greater understanding of your frustration and the tinge of despair that you are still – after so much inner work – not able to be and express all that you know in your heart you can.

I have related to so much of what you have shared with me. In many ways your stories, your longings, your frustrations have been my own.

I am in jaw-dropping awe at the beautiful resilience and commitment you have to your own life. To being of service to the greater Whole in some way. To making a positive difference. To continue moving toward what your heart and Soul is calling you toward. To listen to the quiet inner whisperings and the guidance that dwells within you.

I have also been gifted with deeper insights about myself. Where I am in my own heroine’s journey. A stronger awareness of my own deeply rooted commitment to fully expressing my gifts, my intrinsic Wholeness and to being of service in this world. To truly be – All That I Am.

We are all such beautiful and powerful mirrors for each other.

We are so much more alike than not.

We are all in this thing called Life – together.

These are a few of the truths I have an even deeper recognition of at this moment.

In one particularly illuminating conversation I got in touch with a deeply rooted and painful, under the radar belief that “Nothing is helping.” “Nothing is working” for me in a particular area of my life.

It’s not like I didn’t have some awareness that it was there. I hear myself say it! Think it.

It was not until I heard it come out of someone else’s mouth and recognized how debilitating it was – for them – that it came into my own awareness that – holy cats! – I was saying, affirming and believing the same dang thing! While at the very same time I was actively seeking solutions and praying for something different.

What a conflict!

And we all do this! It is part and parcel of the human experience.
“This works for everyone else, but I don’t believe it will work for me.”

“I never get what I really want.”

“Something always happens – and then the other shoes falls.”

“This is just the way “it” is, I am, Life is.”

“It’s just not in the realm of possibilities.”

“I don’t know how.”

“I can’t.”

“I’ve tried everything and nothing is working!”
These are just a few of the kinds of insidious and treacherous words we say out loud with no real awareness that they are even coming out of our mouths.

These are the things we tell ourselves that throw energetic obstacles out in front of us.

These are the stories that seriously limit our ability to have resolution, to connect to, recognize and ultimately receive the solutions, the “miracles,” the kinds of outcomes we find ourselves desiring and often times straining toward.

These are the beliefs we must endeavor to lovingly shift. To bring home and receive into our hearts. To compassionately explore why we would believe them. To allow ourselves, as kindly as possible, to experience the shame and blame that often accompanies our realization and discovery process.

What is the belief’s underlying and ultimately loving intent? Is it to keep us safe from disappointment? To restrict us from moving out into the unknown? To help us stay small? Keep our relationships intact?

To question if the stories, beliefs and thoughts are really true – mine sure wasn’t. Lots has helped. My life is very different around these issues. So saying nothing is working is really just a big fat lie that doesn’t serve me – at all.

And if we have done all of those things and this is simply a habit of thought? Then to pay closer attention, catch ourselves and, turn it around. One way to do that is to actually say out loud – “This is just an old habit. There is simply no basis for truth in it anymore.”

Because our words matter. What we tell ourselves is important. What we believe and utter powerfully shapes our perception of reality. It either opens doors or it closes them.

I want those doors open so I can receive what I am asking for.

I am willing to bet – you do as well.