Underneath the Crazy

Underneath the Crazy

In Soul by Melani Marx

Storms are meant to wake us up.

Thunder and lightening to catch our attention.

Big storms shift the landscape. Uprooting what was and making way for what is yet to be.

So too,  villains are here to wake us up. To give us something to push against. To help us see more clearly what we will no longer stand for or with. To help us give voice and song to what is most precious. To support each of us in claiming our own inner authority and power.  To recognize and embrace what we hold as valuable, true and most meaningful.

There is a powerful storm raging across this precious orb we inhabit and call home. It is a storm of fear. Of rage and anger. Of lust for domination and dominion. Of oppression being met with resistance. Of liberation being met with oppression.

This storm is swirling and carrying on at epic levels in the collective consciousness of mankind. It is playing out in every town, in every nation. It is also playing out up close and personal – within each and every one of us.

My questions to you is this, dear one – what do you want to contribute during this time?

Do you want to be a part of the insanity? To add to the fear? The craziness?

Or do you wish to be a beacon of peace? Of hope. Of love. Of kindness.

Do you want to join the voices, the conflagration of madness, the energy of contention?

Or do you wish to add to the more grounded ballast of possibility?

Only you can choose for you.

Science tells us that everything we do affects the Whole. That our intention and attention shifts things – on the physical and causal planes. That our awareness makes a difference.

We truly ARE powerful beyond measure.  You matter. You make a difference.

I am not saying do not take a stand. I am not saying do not have an opinion. I am not saying do not speak what feels true and present for you in the moment.  I am not saying do not act in ways that align to your values. Please, please do.

However being outraged is not the same as getting caught up in the mindless swirl and destructive forces of rage itself.

One thing I know for certain is this – meeting anger with more anger. Meeting ugly with more ugly. Meeting feelings of powerlessness with any attempts to get one up or one over. Meeting divisiveness with more divisiveness. Name calling with name calling.

None of this will take us to anything that is W-holy, new or fresh – It will not take us out the other side… it will only perpetuate more of the same energy from whence it came.

As the revolutionary leader, Gandhi said, “ An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

I don’t know about you – but I am holding out for something better.

When I look with my inner vision I see something new and very different – more light filled emerging from underneath the craziness. I see the powers of oppression fighting a last stand. I see the Earth and along with her, humanity waking from an eons long slumber. I see a powerful light radiating – illuminating and embracing the shadows that have kept us in bondage.

I see things changing – and not for the worse. Although that is sooo what it looks like at the moment. When I look with my wider and visionary view I see the natural order of life unfolding, of nature at play. I see a profound shifting of the tides.

What is not longer aligned to truth, what is no longer sustainable is coming into collective awareness and falling away… albeit not without a fight.

Humankind is awakening.

I have seen this for years – decades. And no matter how bleak it gets I still see this. This knowing, this vision has not faltered, only gotten stronger, more certain.

I focus on this because I know with every fiber of my being that the biggest shift, the greatest power we have is what and how we hold that which is within ourselves.

It is how we view ourselves and the world.

It is how we speak and relate to ourselves.

It is the cultivation of self-kindness, self-compassion, self-love that transforms – because these spill out into the world.

It is sitting and bearing witness to our own anger, pain, grief and ugliness. Consciously and mindfully opening our hearts contain it all.

It is NOT turning away from ourselves. So that we might bear witness to another.

It is becoming aware of the harsh and bitter judgments that play out just under the radar of our awareness and countering them through recognition and presence with kinder, more accepting, more loving self talk.

It is having awareness about the places where we personally feel victim to others, circumstances and life. Where we blame others for our unhappiness and abdicate any responsibility for the outcomes in our own lives. These are the seeds of danger and war within ourselves. These are places of personal darkness that are being played out on the screen of the collective.

It is healing ourselves and standing watch, circling round, sharing hope that others may be healed as well.

It is calling a truce – inside where it matters most. Because that, my friend is what will resonate out into the world.

It is our willingness to be of loving service to something greater than our own personal and everyday concerns and smallness.

It is knowing that everything we think or do matters. Everything.

It is our own intentional and cultivated practice of listening attentively to the still small voice within us. Our commitment to follow the inner nudge, the frisson of excitement, the body sensation – our intuition, our Higher Self – that tells us to turn left, rather than right. To leap without consciously knowing the why. To trust what is Holy and Whole within ourselves that takes us to new places.

It is our ability to resonate love. Peacefulness. Joy. It is out ability to find humor and laughter in the most difficult of circumstances. To give a smile, good attention, presence to ourselves so that we may share that with others.

To act from a place of love rather than hate.

These are the qualities that in my opinion the world needs more of.

These are the qualities that I choose to add to the collective consciousness. To the morphogenetic field of the planet.

These are the qualities I endeavor to be the foundation for my actions in the world.

Yes. Circumstances happen. People can and will be mean. Your buttons will be pushed.

The choice you have is how do you want to engage? How do YOU want to respond?

Is what you value most proving you are right? Better?

Or do you value peace? Do you want to foster that?

Now is the time to be mindful. To pay attention.

To come back into your own center and rest there. Often.

To slow down and follow your breath, the collective breath that connects each and every one of us.

To slow down – if just for a moment – to feel the exquisite pleasure and abundant freedom of simply breathing. Taking in all that you need in this moment … gently letting go of what is no longer nourishing in the next.

Focusing deliberately on the pause between the inhale and the exhale. Between taking in… and letting go….

Feeling it in your body.

Breathing in….

Breathing out….

Bringing awareness and attention to the breath – focusing on the physical sensations, the expansion of your rib cage, the coolness of the breath in your nostrils – with mindfulness for even a minute has the ability to shift your perspective.

It supports us to come back to a quieter, more restful mental state. To clear the mind and drop more deeply into the body. To disengage just a bit from the mental and emotional storm of collective consciousness. To connect us more certainly to our inner knowing.

We humans like to be in packs of like-minded people. It helps us to feel safer. But next time you feel tempted to add to the heat. To jump into the fray… Stop and ask yourself if this is that what will really serve? Will this add to the world you want to live in? Is this really where you want to lend your attention?

When tempers run high. When you feel despair…

Pray for yourself.

Pray for others.

Pray for our leaders

Hold fast to what your heart knows.

Disconnect from social media.

Be mindful of what you are consuming. Is it carrying the energy you wish to support? Is it truly nourishing you?

Take a break from the noise of collective consciousness so you can hear yourself. I promise it will all go on without you. Just with one less power source feeding it attention.

So you, dear one can be a force for love. For peace.

Who knows what may happen if enough of us tend to our own inner peace with the ferocity of the storm of public opinion. It very well could shift the tide.

I do know this. Each of us that does this will feel freer inside. And that truly in my opinion is what this is all about. Freedom. Liberation. Love. Recognizing that what we do to one we do to all. That we cannot do anything to another with our minds, our words or our actions without doing the same thing to ourselves… and to the whole of humanity.

Storms are meant to wake us up.

Thunder and lightening to catch our attention.

Big Storms shift the landscape. Uprooting what was and leaving way for what is yet to be.

So too villains are here for us to push against. To wake us up. To help us see more clearly what we will no longer stand for or with. To help us give voice and song to what is most precious. To support each of us in claiming our own authority and power.  And to embrace what we hold as precious and valuable.

What, dear one do you hold most precious?

What do you want to add to the vibrational chorus of humanity?

How will you choose to make a difference?