Uncertainty, Support and Words of Comfort

In Soul by Melani Marx

Good morning beloved human, 

Welcome to the Gemini New Moon! 

I’m hearing from many humans – clients, friends, chance meetings that personally things seem a bit challenging, perhaps chaotic at the moment for folks. 

Solar storms are amplifying and magnifying the experience of this in many ways. 

In my listening, I’m perceiving a sense of worlds – inner and outer – separating and coming apart. Sometimes subtly. Sometimes blatantly and in your face. 

An almost ephemeral, multi-layered sense of dissolving, reordering and organizing of the inner scaffolding, structures and foundations we have relied upon. 

In some ways this is exhilarating. 

In others it is deeply disconcerting. 

Even when we are joyfully breaking new ground it is skillful to remember something else is also falling away. Dissolving. Being reordered. Reorganized within us. 

Most especially when we have breakthroughs. When we move into more coherent patterns vibrationally. When we move into freer, more open, longed for inner and outer territory there are unconscious aspects of self that raise alarm.

Buried and forgotten business we felt was finished resurfaces to be lovingly and patiently welcomed and addressed. 

Young parts come out of the shadows, their hands and arms open, bodies holding tension. Yearning. Seeking compassion, kindness and reassurance. 

Seeking the solace and reassurance of our more mature heart’s welcoming embrace. 

This can be a tender time. 

Allow yourself to be gently present with yourself.

Call yourself back to yourself. 

To rest. Lie on the grass and look up at the sky through sun dappled leaves. 

Let the Mother hold you. Support you. Heal you. Remind you that she is you. And you are her. 

Encourage yourself to breathe. Down into your belly. Slow. Delicious. Expansive breaths. Giving yourself more spaciousness in your being. 

Imagine as you do breathing out your back and feeling, seeing, encouraging, intending for your personal energy structure to expand. Create more room and space. Come back to its full expansive self. Ten. Twenty feet around you. 

Give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back for being here. With all your longing. Your hopes and prayers. Your deepest desires. 

For continuing to breathe. 

For endeavoring to step into more and more of who you are – of what is truly possible for you. 

For taking the very next tiny step. 

For falling down and getting back up. 

For asking for help and support. A true positive warrior’s act of courage. 

For ALL that you are and all that you do. 

I see you. 

I hear you. 

I am right along side of you.

We are all in this together. 

Below are a few resources for support, alignment, comfort and inspiration for today and tomorrow’s New Moon energies. Or anytime!

My deepest appreciation and gratitude to all who share their experiences with me and grace my life with the beauty of their hearts, prayers and unfolding. You are a true blessing.
Thank you to Tosha Silver for inspiring and rekindling my love of prayer.

Please feel free to share anything with anyone who may find these useful. 

Keep scrolling…

Allow the Waters to wash away what is no longer useful…
…what is ready to let go… what is not in present time.

Refresh your spirit.

Enliven your soul.

Nourish your brain.

A wee soothing and healing sound transmission to address the solar activity and the changing Earth magnetics amping things up emotionally and physically.

Restoring Inner Balance, Harmony and Stability

Take a moment to write yourself a prayer for this New Moon.

This is a potent opportunity to seed your intentions and call in your deepest longings. 

Tuck it away on your altar. Come back to it. Listen inwardly for the unfoldment. 

Perhaps something like this…

Dearest Divine Beloved – All That Is, 

Change me into one who is open to and capable of the glorious fulfillment of my Soul’s highest calling, my truest path and purpose. 

Support me in recognizing that my heart’s deepest longings are one with, not separate from this Divine purpose I am here to express. 

Change me into one who recognizes that joy is a most trustworthy compass. 

That awe and wonder are qualities to cultivate daily. 

That gratitude for what I have, what is currently supporting me, the gifts present in my life – no matter how small or how poorly they match up to my ideal – is the doorway, the open hearted welcome to more and more of what I long for. Of what I am calling in. 

I welcome this now. 

Help me to allow what needs to go, go. 

Support me to unclench my hands, my heart, my mind so that I may empty and release that which, though once was medicine and nourishment has now turned to poison within me – limiting my further expansion into my heart’s deepest, most closely held desires. 

Help me to allow it all go with Grace and gratitude. With recognition that, that which once served me so beautifully may now be holding me imprisoned and blind. 

Hold me tenderly as long buried emotions wash through me sweeping me clean. Making way for something new. 

Please make me ready and open for the fulfillment of my prayers. 

Change me into one who can embrace, accept and receive the Love that is trying to find me. Infuse me. Inform me. Express through me.

Help me to open to what is even now making its way to me. 

Help me to see with clear eyes, an open heart and mind that which is already here and that which is in the process of unfolding. 

Help me to remember that doubt and discouragement are simply opportunities to pause, reflect, to come back to what is most important to me. 

To recall what is well and truly so for me. 

To remember the initial spark of Divine inspiration, the longing calling me forward. To recommit my feet and energy to carrying me forward. 

To trust in my own Soul’s deep wisdom. To trust the path in front of me. To trust myself. 

To have patience. With myself. With you. With circumstances. With the world as it continues to unfold. 

To trust in Divine Timing.

To fearlessly and compassionately tell the Truth as I understand it in this moment – most especially to myself.

Change me into one who can allow the tension and fear I have been holding, the fear of not being worthy, of not receiving, of not being able to receive, of being left out in the cold to dissolve, transmute, transform with Love into steadiness, faith and the remembrance of my own Divinity and Divine origin. 

To trust that what is truly mine cannot be taken or hidden from me. 

That after much time working toward something without much sign of improvement or fulfillment – everything can shift in an instant. That it is possible to step out of the desert into an oasis in the very next moment. 

Change me into one who knows with every fiber of my being that in fully stepping into my most authentic, holy, Whole and deeply human self I actually have nothing to lose, but the illusion of self protection and separation. 

Transform me into one who remembers that I am one with you. 

That all is possible. 

That all is well and truly well. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

So be it! Amen. 

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