Trust the Unfolding…

Trust the Unfolding…

In Spirit by Melani Marx

“We know that there is much that is changing – inside and out.  Much that is being asked of you in stepping more fully into the Truth of who you are. The bigger version and expanded knowing that is available to each of you. Pause for moment and listen for that.

Let your awareness reach out and connect to the larger expanded, as yet unrealized you-ness. Feel the love that this larger you is held in.  This Love is the very woof and warp of the fabric of who you are. From the expanded to the smallest particle of matter in your body – it is all Love.

Hold fast to this sense of who you are at a bigger level – the Love that surrounds you. That is you. Ask to open and receive all of the Love and blessings so readily available to you in every moment.

When we look –  it is as if you have a very small funnel for receiving. Ask for a bigger funnel. A larger aperture with which to receive Love, Joy, Abundance. Let it into your heart. Open your mind to the possibilities available to you.

Allow the fixed nature of your mind to become more flexible, open, malleable.

Feel the quickening all around you as you move collectively and individually toward what is new, fresh, more aligned with the Truth of who you are.  No need to grasp for this – simply ask to flow with this great and wondrous stream already moving you forward. It is simpler and more ease-filled than you currently imagine.

Your heart, your soul knows where you are headed. Trust them. Acknowledge your own Soul’s deeper wisdom. Let that be your guiding star.  Ask your mind to rest in this. Ask for the quality of Trust to come and be with you. Look for and acknowledge the small and large sign posts, the messengers that show you – you are moving forward.

Remember even – most especially – the opposite of what you intend is a sign that things are being cleared so that you may receive what you desire. Celebrate each and everyone of these with gratitude. Appreciation. Love.

The Universe loves you so much. It always is moving you in the direction of more Love, more Joy, more Openness, more Delight. If you could see the expanded view we do, you would never doubt this. This is why we ask and support you in connecting to the expanded view of who you are.
Only you can stop the flow. This does not mean that you will not experience any of the blessings. It just means you will narrow the funnel and slow the process. Ask to release any unnecessary worry, anxiousness or fear about where you are headed. Bring this to Source Essence. Offer it up. Then when the opposite of what you desire shows up, say hallelujah!

When the old limiting stories arrive and set up camp, acknowledge they are present and let them go. Turn away. Choose Love. Choose what brings ease. All that you experience – all that you feel – all of it is ultimately taking you toward greater ease and rest.

You have set your intentions. Now trust that they are unfolding. Look for the evidence. The small increments forward.

When do you find yourself in doubt – Stop. The Universe has it handled. Sometimes it just takes time for things to come together and arrange themselves in the right and perfect way.

Keep turning your mind toward what you DO want. Let those emotions you feel flow. They are all good. They all have messages and information. They are meant to move and flow like a river. So let them.

If you knew how very much you are loved, appreciated, supported and held by the Divine, by the Earth, by all the Devas, Nature Spirits, Beings of Light and so many more –  if you really knew this your mind would be blown away.  The entire Universe is always acting on your behalf – for your soul’s well-being. Do not take our word for it. Feel for yourself the truth in these words. Allow yourself to be nourished by them.

All of this is fully available to each and every person – all the time. There is nothing you need to do to earn or deserve what your heart is calling you toward.

What is necessary is letting go of any beliefs… That you don’t deserve – Can’t have – Won’t happen – Impossible – Not in the cards – Who would love me?  And any other limiting beliefs or stories that you have.  These are often deeply embedded in your unconscious.

Ask now that they begin to come into your awareness so that you can make a new choice. Turn toward something more life affirming. So you can let them go. And make a new choice.  A choice of Love, of Freedom, of Power, of new possibilities.

When you come up against a place of struggle – Stop. Imagine what you want to unfold. Rather than what you don’t.

Consciously connect to the solution. You do not need to know what it is. The solution is always there.  It is not in the past –it is out in front of you.  Lift your eyes to the horizon and say, ” I am connecting to the solution – whatever it is –  and I am moving toward it now.”

This is a practice.

The more you focus on what you DO want, the more you call into your life. This is not just some airy-fairy nonsense. This is what your science has proven! Whatever you focus on gets bigger!

You cannot receive anything you cannot imagine. So use your powerful and creative imagination to imagine what might be possible. Imagine yourself there. Imagine what you will see there. Feel. Experience. Imagine the colors, the well-being. This is not near fantasy this is how you move toward what you desire.  Don’t take our word for it. Try it. Make a playful practice of it. Pay attention. See what happens.

Ask the world around you to dance with you – to play with you. Be curious. See what wonders show up.

Keep bringing your attention back to this. To what you want. What you already have.

Imagine yourself completely loved.
Imagine yourself enjoying yourself.
Imagine yourself taking that step that feels impossible right now.
Imagine yourself on the other side of the great divide between here and there.

Then let go.

Turn your attention lovingly back to what is here in this moment.

Attend carefully to this moment. To what is here now. Immerse yourself in now.

Feel your feet on the ground. The air on your skin.  The sensation in your shoulder. The uneasiness in your belly.

Let yourself take it all in. Push nothing away.

Welcome yourself. Welcome your feelings. Welcome life in all its variety.

Invite yourself to the banquet and say, “Yes!”

Let go…

Of struggle, of worry,  of panic. Let go of arguing for your limitations. Let go of anything between you and your fullest most magnificent expression of your Soul Essence in form. You do not need to know how. Simply affirm it. Ask for it. Say, “I want this!” Be willing to drop the bars of the cage walls you have been inhabiting. Ask for help. Expect support. Invite flow, ease, rest.

Be willing to be someone different than you are right now. Be willing to allow your shiny brilliant Soul Essence to radiate through you – your actions – your words – your entire life.

Follow the inspiration that whispers quietly in your ear. Your heart. Your gut. Act upon it. Follow the “Yes!” See what happens.  Turn away from the “No!”s The more you do this the easier it will become.

Know that the changes that are afoot are all a blessing – No matter what the appearance is.

Remember the garden must first be tilled, the soil broken up, the weeds removed before the new garden can flourish. This is the nature of Nature herself. Of the Cosmos. Of Life.  The falling away. The seeding. The growing. The harvest and then falling away once again. And when the garden is tended with Love, nourished and cared for it flourishes more fully with each turning of the seasons – bearing more and more fruit.

Trust yourself. Trust in your own Wholeness. Trust Life.”


A message of wisdom, love and hope from the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers as expressed through my pen one spring morning. May their words inspire you as they inspire and support me. I come back to their wisdom often.