Traversing the Tricky Parts

In Celebration, Courage by Melani Marx

Hello lovely human,

Even in the midst of the very human and natural despair, grief, loss and fear that has come and gone over the last several years, I have always come back again and again to the knowing that lives within my deepest being. 
That All is in Divine Order. 
That my small mind, no matter how visionary or brilliant I might think my personality self to be in any given moment  – can have no idea what is really needed or wanted in the grander, bigger picture of this evolutionary process we humans find ourselves in.  
I remember once again that we ARE smack in the midst of a global transformation. 
This is NO small thing, my friend! It is actually epic.
And… that chaos is the very definition of the middle of this process – think kitchen remodel.  
That upheaval is necessary for Life to rearrange itself in a new and more sustainable, regenerative order. 

Read that again. 

That upheaval is necessary for Life to rearrange itself in a new and more sustainable, regenerative order. 
We have to let go of where and who we are in order for something new to arise and actually become.

We often begin our personal inner journey with an intention for our lives. Usually it is very broad and expansive. 
I want to feel more joy. 
I want to be all that I am. 
I want an authentic Life.
I just want to feel better.
I want to connect with my inner purpose.

I want the perfect life partner.
Then – and here is the tricksy part that can cause us to feel like we are being thrown about or even like we’ve been thrown under the bus ­ –
Everything that isn’t aligned to those deeper intentions for our lives, those broad and sweeping heart’s desires, gets rooted out – layer upon layer and over time and either is released or integrated.
Yep. That means EVERYTHING. 
Deeper and deeper layers coming into awareness.
And every time something comes into our awareness – we get to choose. 

Is this what I want to carry with me into the future?

Am I willing to let go of the preciously held belief that I’ve tucked close to my heart that did not even originate with me?
And boy howdy sometimes this can feel like one’s face is pressed against a glass wall with a shit storm raging behind us.
This is why it is useful to pay attention to our intentions. 
To write them down. 
Perhaps keep them close. 
Revisit them. 

And remember the nature of transformation itself. 

“I want to feel more joy”

Ok. What’s in the way of that? What places still feel afraid to allow the wildness of joy to sweep through you?

What beliefs handed down from previous generations are unconsciously keeping you from being open to joy?

What unconscious decisions were made in early childhood that joy was dangerous, unacceptable, triggering for the adults around you?

What puritanical programs of control and push for production are still living in your being handed down from mother to child, from mother to child that carry the stale flavor of guilt or over-responsibility?

So, perhaps when some new pile of caca falls out of the ceiling or emerges from your personal basement of the unconscious – perhaps after feeling the feels and wading through the story you may invite yourself to…

Remember – this is what transformation looks like.

And celebrate a bit. Or a lot!

Because you are doing it! Doesn’t matter if at times you are kicking and screaming along the way.

Pat yourself on the back for being here and receiving yourself.

For the amazing resilience of your Spirit that is helping you to keep moving toward your goal. Your intention. Your heart’s desire. Toward more joy – or whatever your heart is calling you toward.

Every particle of release frees up more room for what you really desire.

Every emotion you feel and allow to move through.

Every time you stay with yourself and the younger aspects of self.

Every time you notice what you notice when you get activated by Life.

Something limiting your fullest expression gets released, softened, is brought into the circle of Holy – Wholeness.

Holy hallelujah!

Remember – this is what transformation looks like.

And… that chaos is the very definition of the middle of this process – again, think kitchen remodel.

That upheaval is necessary for Life to rearrange itself in a new and more sustainable, regenerative order.

That we all came here to do this whether we remember that or not – ‘cuz Earth is the place where humans arrive and forget who they truly are. Then at some point we begin to do everything in our power – to re-member ourselves.

That we are all up to do this no matter what our mind tells us in any given moment.

That we are traveling down the River with many beautiful souls and support riding along with us. Even if it feels a bit lonely in any given moment.

And. That we can tune into the amazing shifts taking place and ride the Wave of transformation we are intrinsically a part of.

As we move through 2023 the energies afoot are rather BIG! 

March signals some enormous tidal changes that we will all be working with for the next many years.

Endings and new beginnings are afoot. 

How do we sync with the wave moving across the planet and ride it to shore?

Join me again in April for Ride The Wave – Utilizing the Energies at Play

   April 12, 2023 at 3pm PT/6pm ET 

We will gather and spend some time looking at the BIG transformative energies sweeping the planet in the next few months.

I have found that having context for what we are experiencing helps tremendously in moving through with greater Trust as well as more Ease and Grace. 

You will learn or re-member some simple and effective tools to more steadily move through the simultaneous falling apart/coming together energies at play in the coming months.

Receive an Energy Healing Transmission you can listen to again and again to

~ Assist in allowing buried energies limiting your heart’s desire to move, release and integrate for greater coherence

~ Restore Hope and Passion

~ Connect more deeply to your own power of Choice

~ Increase Clarity for personal discernment 

~ Untangle inappropriate group entanglements

~ Support the dissolution of limiting illusions within

~ Open to reap the benfits of your individual and collective toils over the last several decades

~ Help strengthen inner alignment to your Divine Wisdom

~ Support inner Authority

~ Increase Self-love and acceptance

~ Align to these energies sweeping through all of us to access the highest potential for ourselves and ultimately our service to humanity and the Earth.

This will all meet you exactly where you are in the moment and support you moving forward for months to come. 

You will have an opportunity to ask questions 

Be in Community – it helps to know your perceptions are not just yours.

Be held in a safe, sacred space by a trained ritual elder.

If you are unable to attend live – the recording will be just as supportive every time you listen. 

There is sooo much possibility in the Winds, let’s catch that Wave and ride this tidal shift!


All the important details – 

   Wednesday April 12, 2023 at 3pm PT/6pm ET 

Length = 60 to 75 minutes

Connect through Zoom

Recording included –if you are unable to make it live you may still partake  and receive.

Exchange = $33

When you join before April 1st, I will add your name to the hat for a chance to win a Dumping Debris Session on me. And, yes – if you have already signed up your name is in the hat. 

Join me here to Ride the Wave in April.

A few last words…. 
Please remember, dear one  – 

To take some time every day….

To sit and breathe deep into your belly. 
To sing songs to yourself. 
To humm and dance. 
To shake and bounce on your toes.
To slow down and allow yourself to integrate all that is going on.
To do absolutely nothing – if only for five minutes. 
To notice the beauty around you.
To eat and enjoy delicious foods your body loves. 
To come back to your Center as often as you remember.

To tuck yourself sweetly into bed at night.
To hold yourself very lovingly, very gently and oh, so very kindly. 
To say out loud three times – “I love my Life. I love my body. I love myself.” 
To savor the small moments.
May every single day bring you the sweetest gifts of Wonder, Magic and Beauty…  

And when you see them may you remember that these are magnificent reflections of your own amazing Self.