Tips and Tools for Transformation – or what to do when you are coming just a bit undone!

In Spirit by Melani Marx

Hello there beautiful human,

Holy cats! The energies are sooooo BIG and potent right now! So I am sending you a VERY short note with some reinforcement.

The Equinox and Full Moon – which is today are a powerful energetic gateway and an amp up in light and frequency. In other words, rapid and powerful transformation is afoot  – both collectively and for each of us personally.

Exciting and welcome – however it can sometimes be challenging to navigate the waves and surf!

That is why I made you a video that is designed to support you to transit with more ease.

To give you some tools, tips and practical as well as useful information to ease your way through these and any rapid upleveling, reordering or metamorphosis.  

To help your mind understand what is occurring – knowing a bit of the how and what is actually going on eases the mind and helps it and us to relax. 

To help you find balance and equilibrium during this Full Moon and Equinox as well as to assist and support yourself in the everyday ebb and flow of your own unfolding, your own becoming and the recognition of your Wholeness and Magnificence. 

Love, joy and happy Equinox passage!