Three things…

In Celebration, Tools by Melani Marx

Hello lovely and amazing human!

From this human’s heart to yours…

I am sending sooo much love and gratitude your way on this day.

Holidays can be a bit of a mixed bag sometimes…

Good cheer, kindness and laughter.

Gathering with family and friends.

Lights, holiday music, warmth.

Moments of quiet reflection.

And quite possibly…

A lot of expectations. 

Old trauma responses rising.

Unmet needs.

Pressure to get it all done. 

As well as the under the surface squeezie energies everyone is experiencing planetarily now and for the next many weeks.

Enormous Solar activity – affects all things electrical including humans.

Mercury retrograde – the trickster is at it again slowing us down so we can receive the messages from the “gods”.

The push and purge of the year’s ending – Gregorian, Lunar etc. 

All that being said – I have a few wee soothers to assist you come back to a more resourced, centered and expansive space internally this holiday season, so you can actually recieve and enjoy all the goodwill, love and joy floating around.

🌟 The first one – I encourage you to hummmmm. 🌟

That’s right. Humming activates the Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is responsible for the regulation of internal organs such as digestion, heart rate, respiratory rate and more. Activating the Vagus nerve aides in digestion, slows heart rate, allows for deeper belly breathing which helps you settle more deeply into your body and can ease blood pressure. 

Ten minutes of humming your favorite song will not only calm and soothe you, it will uplift and center you. Allow your body to come back into a place rest and restoration. Fostering a state of rest and restoration turns on the internal mechanism for deep physical healing.

It has been said that the power of your own voice – singing/ humming – is one of the most powerful healing actions you can take for yourself. And it feels so good!

Begin to hummmm for the next ten minutes and feel your body relax, unwind and regulate. Experience your mind become more open and receptive. Allow your emotions to lighten and soften.

🌟 The next wee bit is something I have shared several times with the folks who have taken the EMF Class and those who have received the Activations I’ve been faciliating the last seven years. I’ve had several lovelies share with me it is a favorite go to and they use it al the time.

The Surrender Song. 🌟

A powerful medicine song shared with me by Nissa Howard, one of my favorite humans several years ago.

It is powerful and soothing.

It is a great song when you feel a bit up against a wall.

Are arguing with reality a bit.

Releasing things into the fires of transformation.

Pushing too hard, tired, sick or just plain out of sorts.

AND – Singing again! Powerful self-healing energy!

Your voice is your power in more ways than you can imagine. 

PS. If you have ever wanted to make a rattle – Nissa IS your person! 

🌟 This last one is a song I simply adore. The visuals are pretty lovely as well. 🌟

You will find me humming, singing or listening to it quite often as I move about
my day. 

It is uplifting, beautiful and helps me remember center and the sacred
whole-holiness of all things. 

Grab a cup of something soothing and delicious and
enjoy a wee four minute reset. 

Wishing all you the love and sweetness of the holiday spirit.

A few last words…. 

Being human does not mean that I am OK only when I feel OK.

It means I am always OK.

Just as I am. Right now. This minute.

Nothing to fix. Nothing to change. Nothing to do “about” any of it.

Simply be.