Everyone who comes to work with me starts with this private, intimate group of eight working in sacred community for a full seasonal cycle. Let this in-depth support guide you to your one true spot in the cosmos.

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Here’s what some of the people who have worked with me have created:

Leave a 20+ year nursing career and go back to school for social work
“I got in a deeply dark place, and Melani met me. I went to places I didn’t know existed, and asked soul-level questions.” – T.W., California

Learned to trust herself and her own judgment
“Melani is so good about creating a safe container. She will never step into my circle. She is a neutral person to talk things through with, who I know is loving and supportive of me, but without agenda.” –E.R., Washington

“She gave me lots of space to feel what I was feeling. Not hurry up and get better. I rebuilt myself at a fundamental level using energetic work.” – M.S., New York

Doing work she loves with teams and groups
“I just landed with the perfect team, doing the perfect project. It just flowed.” – L.A., California

Knowing who she is and bringing that into form (her One True Spot!)
“Melani has this ability to see a person’s symptoms on the one hand, and their essence in the other… and bring those two experiences together. I’ve never seen anything like it – and she’s done it over and over again.” – L.R., Washington

Confidence in her own gifts and abilities
“Melani completely meets whatever comes up in a session. She brought me into my power.” – R.M., Rhode Island

Dance with being alive
“Every story has a story behind it. Melani makes sure you aren’t just rehashing and re-embedding the same old story. She helps you unpeel the story. Unlayer it. Unravel it. This has exposed me to a lot of interesting insights and experiences.” – K.O. Oregon

Everyone arrives with different needs and expectations. I’m not the one with the answers – you are. My role is to guide you as you uncover and reclaim them. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

In fact, some people who join One Season also choose to work with me privately. This work blends conversation, energy work, and practical tools. Working together, we will focus on your highest good, without attachment or agenda. This is a six-month commitment that can be extended.

Both program and private client availability is limited. Click here to schedule a conversation where we’ll get to know one another and make sure we’re a good fit.

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