The Longing for Belonging…

In Soul by Melani Marx

Longing for home…

Most of us have an inner longing for home. An indefinable, yet deep and concrete yearning for belonging. To a place. A person. A group. A family. A Tribe.

We humans are after all herd animals. Belonging is a Universal Need, like love and safety, that every one of us has.

At one point in history this need was more easily satisfied. Known. Quantified. Life was in general quieter. We humans mostly stayed in one place, often for our entire lives. Maybe if we were adventurous or events forced us to pull up roots – we lived in two. Possibly three.

The overall pace was slower, more focused on what was taking place close to us. Our perspective and sense of who we knew ourselves to be more fixed. We would experience and “work through” the ramifications of the Universal Law of cause and effect or what some call karma one “lifetime at a time.”

Then Life on our beautiful planet began to move more quickly. An ever increasing acceleration began taking place.

Now in the span of one human lifespan we may experience the opening and closing of many “lifetimes” –  including completions that encompass people, places, beliefs, affiliations and perspectives.

Each one of these new “lives” a new iteration of self. Each one an ever widening spiral along the Soul’s evolving continuum.

Through all of this – Our longing for “home,” for belonging continues to burn like a slow fire within us. Sometimes manifesting as an ache that feels physical in nature, at others a quiet underlying tug.

As we continue along our path of self discovery we may begin to get a sense that satisfying the longing to belong is ever elusive.

Our original families don’t feel like the same cocoon of satisfying safety they once did as we more deeply individuate along our OWN souls directive and continuum.

We find a group, a tribe, a “love”, a place or community that feels like “home.” We are understood. Seen. Heard in ways we’ve never been before. It’s exciting and fulfilling. Our longing for belonging settles. We feel comfortable. More “ourselves”. We align ourselves to the tribal language, the customs and rituals.

And then…

Dissonance arrives.

It may present itself in the form of subtle nudges, an inner whispering of disquiet or in the form of a sudden rift.

It may arrive as a building dis-comfort tapping on the shoulder that becomes more and more insistent over time. A belly sense that is subtle that something is not quite lining up.

Often we turn away from this knowing. We reason that it will change. Smooth out. Sometimes it does.

Sometimes the rift simply gets wider. The need for belonging becomes confused with the comfort of the “known.”

We stay. Out of obligation. Out of fear. Because we cannot imagine how we would traverse the loss of our identity – which at this point is deeply tied to the group, the Tribe, the place, the relationship, the title – of boss, mother, lover, friend, sister, child. The known.

We may “put up” with behaviors that increasingly create havoc. That feel crazier and less coherent with our deepest inner being. The dissonance increases.

This is what we humans do. What we have done for eons. We’ve tied our sense of self to our Tribe – for survival. For comfort of the herd. For the most compelling of reasons – a sense of belonging.

As the world has speeded up. As Life has exponentially picked up the pace. As our inner heroine’s call has gotten louder, more insistent – we have embarked. Left home. Left the comfort of the known.

We may do this many times. Find a sense of belonging. Our group. Our person. Our place. Settle in. Relax. Then loose it.

Begin again.

This is the nature of the journey. The path to sovereignty. To standing fully in our own inner authority. To aligning to and fully experiencing our own intrinsic Wholeness. Our own one true place in the Cosmos. That spark of Essence, that frequency that is uniquely our own Soul Song.

The longing for belonging is the call home – to ourselves. To our own essential nature.

We may find places, people, perspectives, ideas that deeply resonate to our own distinct and infinitely harmonious inner song – however as humans evolve, as our souls call us to increased consciousness and evolution catapults us forward – what is outside is no longer able nor is it meant to satisfy our longing for belonging.

Only the recognition of our own belonging to our greater selves will satisfy.

Take a moment now and drop into the place of inner connection and knowing within you. For some of you this may reside in the vicinity of your heart. Perhaps behind your spine or in your belly – simply drop your awareness into your body and ask to connect to it.

This is the vital connection between the All That Is and your humanity. Between you and infinite possibility. Between you and the vital Life-force that flows through your being expressing in form.

THIS is your own true place of belonging.

Within you. Always with you. Never unreachable or out in front of you.
Never outside of you. Never separate.

Always here. Inside.

Staying connected and mindful of this inner stance is how you carry your sense of belonging within you, wherever you are, whoever you are with.

Allowing you to stand fully in your own autonomy and presence without merging or giving way simply to belong.

Allowing you to connect to the highest denomination of the commonality as well as the beautiful differences in the Tribe that is humanity.

Allowing you to clearly discern what truly resonates for you and what does not.