The Harmonious Pattern of All Things

In Celebration, Soul by Melani Marx

Hi there lovely and amazing human,

Play with me for a moment?

Take a nice easy breathe into your belly and settle into your Center.

Bring your attention to the center of your head, between your ears, or low in your belly…
and quietly, without straining…
drop in and listen for the Song underneath the rush and bustle of third dimensional reality.

The Silence that holds a harmonious Song.

Perhaps you can feel it singing in your blood and bones.

Or vibrating in the air around you.

Beating in your heart.

Humming underneath your feet.

Tingling in your hands.

Pulsing, dancing and enlivening your cells.

This Song is a part of you. It holds the harmonious pattern of All Things.

It is a song many humans have forgotten.

It is still alive in you. Even if you cannot in this moment discern it.

Perhaps say aloud to yourself

“I am willing. I am open. I am listening.”




Deep within your being.

Why am I sharing this with you today of all days?

I have been feeling the powerful energies at play, dancing with each and every one of us humans, supporting deep transformative and regenerative movement within our psyches, both personally and collectively. This is a grand and powerful tide sweeping each of us along to a new way of experiencing Life on planet Earth.

As such, we are experiencing quite a bit of threshold energy at this time.

We are shifting from one paradigm to another.

One way of being and expressing in the world to another.

One set of foundational principles, energetic framework and underlying collective consciousness to another.

As we experience the shifting of the Sun’s light now on the other side of the Solstice – that seasonal apex of light or darkness.

As we open into the fullness of Summer’s abundance, ever mindful of the diminishing light, here in the northern hemisphere or we are observing the slow return of the Sun, immersed in the quiet reflective inward qualities of Winter in the Southern hemisphere.

Our animal bodies, our fully connected to the All energetic selves, are always receiving, assimilating and communicating. We are taking in these subtle shifts and flows in infinite and mysterious ways.

This thing we are collectively doing – It’s a bit like getting ready to go on an extended trip or move house.

As you pack and gather together everything you need, it can be a bit chaotic trying to get all the details on your checklist completed before you walk out the door.

What are you taking with you as you cross through the door?

What are you leaving behind?

What is unfinished?

What sings to you and what is flat and lifeless?

A lot of tossing, sorting and rethinking. Some energetic push and pull.

This is a bit of what is going on under the surface of our beings. Some of this may be conscious. Most likely, most of it may not.

Knowing what is pulling on your awareness just out of reach can help to normalize what is taking place. Because the mind, by its nature wants to know.

Holding an intention to connect to and listen for the Song underneath the rush and bustle, the Song that holds the Harmony, that connects us to the All.

This can allow us to flow with these threshold energies. To stabilize our movement through them.

To dream within them of a more harmonious, loving world that begins with Harmony and Love within oneself.

Steady is found inside our being. It is a quality of soul, as is Rest. Love. Equanimity. Peace.

Perhaps take a moment or five during these threshold times to rest in the Harmony of Light and Dark. To contemplate that perhaps one is neither better nor more important than the other.

To loosen the learned, deep in the cellular memory perceptions within humanity that the Dark is to be avoided. Feared.

To open more deeply to…
The Great Mystery. The Unknown. The All.

This is potent, dancing with infinite possibilities and deeply regenerative.

Like the soil cradling the seed tucked below the surface patiently waiting in the Dark for supportive conditions to sprout and reach toward the Light, fulfilling its purpose.

Dreaming in the Dark accesses aspects of Self unavailable in our waking world. Sweat Lodge. Womb. Deep states of rest.

The tug of the Dark that catches our attention and causes us – sometimes drags us – to drop in and contemplate. To discover our own Light within. Our own guidance.

The Light on the other hand, enables us to access the generative abundance we are.

To unfold and blossom like the Sunflower. To give rest and comfort to ourselves and others, like the trees on a hot Summer day. To see the shadow, the darker, shady places within our psyche with greater clarity. With generative love and appreciation for all that we are and have been.

To celebrate our inner turnings and the outer manifestations that signal this movement toward an experience of greater Wholeness and radiant authenticity – in all its shades and moods.

Both in balance, Dark and Light dance together. Night and Day. Day and Night. Activity and Rest. The powerful cycles of the Moon that moves the tides and the Waters within us as well. The seasonal ebbs and flows.

You are part of this Great Mystery. As am I.

Remembering that neither Light nor Dark dominate. They work in balance, part of a continuum. One always giving way to another. Back and forth. Forth and back.

Like the seasons in Nature as well as in our own precious lives.

Perhaps in the next day or so take some time to rest in the promise of a Sunrise.

The quiet restfulnes of days end as dusk turns to Night. 

Perhaps light a single candle in a dark room and listen for the Song.
The Song underneath the rush and bustle of third dimensional reality.
Perhaps you can feel it singing in your blood and bones. Or vibrating in the air around you. Humming under your feet. Tingling in your hands. Pulsing and enlivening your cells.
This Song is part of you. It holds the harmonious pattern of all things. 
Although many humans have forgotten this Song… 
It is still alive in you, even if you cannot in this moment discern it. 
Perhaps say aloud to yourself 
“I am willing. I am open. I am listening.

I am listening.

I am listening.

I am listening”
As you sit quietly and listen – Ask the Light and Dark to dance with you – inform you, teach you, reassure you and remind you…
 …of what you already know in the marrow of your bones. 

Today I am celebrating the Song alive within in each of us. 
Sweetest Blessings, dear one. 

May you move through all the thresholds of Life with ease.

PS –  Please join me in just a few days to celebrate, rest into, learn more about and align to the extraordinary wave of transformation carrying us home to our truest selves –  to a more cohesive and generative collective. To something beyond our current experience.

It is deeply useful now to gently let go of resistance and soften our hearts and minds to receive something new and extraordinary. 

More information may be found here.

May this song sweep you up and remind you of all that you are. 

May it support you in re-membering the Song underneath the rush and bustle.

The Song of harmonious patterns underlying all things. 

The Song within you.      The Song that IS you.