The End of Suffering

In Celebration by Melani Marx

Hello lovely human,

It is already Easter Sunday here in New Zealand and I am sitting in the midst of a beautiful vineyard. The Autumn rain is drumming on the roof far above my head.  My view is rain streaked through the windows. I am cozily wrapped up in several layers sipping hot tea.

I have something to share with you. 

It is both personal and planetary.

I am willing to wager it may be timely.

The time of suffering as a soul imperative, of getting to God/Goddess/Creator, to Union on your knees, through someone or something else is OVER. Living by some outer authority’s rules of right/wrong, good bad rather than our own sovereign connection to Source is coming to a close. We can see evidence of this everywhere. 

The words suffering and sacrifice are words that are of the age that is passing. They are from the time of patriarchal domination and control.

Sacrifice and suffering are words and energies we are in the midst of purging, both personally and planetarily. And purging by it’s very nature is messy, untidy and chaotic as we sort through and let go of what is no longer aligned to our Soul’s unfolding. 

Ask yourself  – How are the qualities of sacrifice and suffering showing up in my own life?

All of the ways we are moving through the world that are not working anymore come into our conscious awareness so we can make a new choice. A choice more aligned to the truth within us rather than the well-worn path of habit and cultural conditioning. 

In the case of something so deeply ingrained into the human collective such as suffering and sacrifice –  it is a process. We each will get to make that choice in a myriad of ways.  Again and again.

Cultivating patience, heaps of self love and gentle kindness toward ourselves is deeply useful.

Turning toward what brings us inner quiet, peace, joy, contentment, steadiness in a reliable way is very good medicine. 

For me being in Nature, even if it is simply sitting or standing under a tree and resting with it for a bit is consistently grounding and restorative. 

These are powerful antidotes to the under-currents of sacrifice and suffering. 

What are your own?

Last night after I had released myself from the energies of suffering and sacrifice, after gaining some clarity and understanding, after coming back to my self once again – I was sitting on the sofa looking at the clouds in the moonlit sky and was compelled to sing. 

I am sharing that song and with you here. 

It is a potent energetic transmission encoded with transformative qualities that will speak to your Soul and assist with your own unraveling and reformation. It was recorded on Easter Eve.

It is called the End of Suffering and you can find it here. 

Oh! And this… it is the 23rd Song From Home I have recorded here in New Zealand. As I was sharing the story of it with a friend earlier she suggested I look up the 23rd Psalm as much of what I have been experiencing the last week or so has in uncanny ways been symbolically aligned to Easter. 

Curious I looked it up. 

As I read the 23rd Psalm to her out loud it brought tears. It turns out it is the Psalm of trust. And although I do not follow any particular religion – during the very darkest time of my life I recited my own version of it as a mantra to see me through.  To keep me focused on the Source of All. To remind me that I was safe and all was well. That I was not forsaken. 

May the blessings of renewal and the promise of abundant and infinite Love and Wholeness be yours this season.