The choice to be fully alive!

In Courage by Melani Marx

Hello lovely and Happy 2019! 

The last couple of weeks I have been in New Orleans.
Listening. Creating. Investigating. Allowing. Untangling. Releasing. Integrating. Playing. Singing. Resting. Hanging with kitties… and simply being.

Several days ago the inspiration to create a Resonance Energy Session to dissolve the paradigm and programs of Powerlessness and Separation dropped in. Since then more information about what that means has also arrived. I will share a bit of it with you below. It seems rather BIG. 

The programs of powerlessness spawn fear, give rise to despair, a belief in lack, and perpetuate the lie that we are separate from the One.

The belief that we are powerless, that we do not have an affect on the world, our lives, our choices is a seemingly bottomless and insidious program – that like a virus run unchecked – has become so ingrained in our psyches, our ancestral song, our everyday way of moving through the world that we humans barely perceive this marauder within. 

This illusion and programed deep bondage has severely limited our ability to experience the true Wholeness that we are, the deepest purpose of our Soul in this lifetime.

To feel the steady, unshakeable and ever present connection to our own Divine nature.

To experience our connection to Nature and to the Natural world. 

To respect and listen to in equality and equity, our brothers and sisters in all of their wondrous forms.

And so, so, SO much more.

The good news is – we live in a moment in time when this bondage is unraveling and unwinding. A time when we may choose to reclaim our personal power. 

This is not power over, which is the old dominant paradigm that is dissolving. 

This is the power to move forward in magnificent ways we have yet to experience in this life. 

The power to connect ever more deeply to ease, grace, wise inner guidance.  To drop the lies that have kept us bound and embrace the greater truth of our vast inner Beinging-ness – the Light that we are. 

This is the power to affect aligned and coherent change in our own lives and to carry that with us out into the world in whatever way we are being called to.

Last night was the New Moon and a partial solar eclipse. 

A perfect moment to tap into for this Powerful Energy Resonance Session! Just as I was listening into and writing about the energies and qualities asking to be transmitted for the session, this landed in my inbox as confirmation and made me sit up just a bit straighter. If you want to know more of the astrology from one particular perspective you might give it a listen.  

Buckle up Buttercup – This is BIG support for those that are stepping more fully into their own one true spot in the Cosmos, becoming fully embodied and aligned to the powerful and loving being you are. 

This Energy Resonance Session will dissolve and unravel the programs and overlays running in your system that are allied to powerless and separation. 

It is very no nonsense and carries a quality of command – as each of us is invited to take command over our own lives in a new way. I have to say I listened to it several times right after I recorded it, which is very unusual. I will continue to listen to it. It is  a powerful transmission.

What an adventure this Life is!

Happy New Possibilities!

Resonance Energy Session for Dissolving the Programs of Powerlessness & Seperation

This Energy Session is powerful, deep and restorative Soul Medicine for our times.

Allowing you to remember and align to the truth that is INSIDE you.

Wash away the underpinnings of despair, fear, lack and the siren song of  powerlessness

Unravel the misunderstandings of separation from Source.

Help you to see more clearly.

Stand more firmly in your Soul’s clear Light and knowing.

It’s about five and one half minutes long.

Listen as often as you wish – the affect is cumulative. There is no expiration date. 

Please – Share it freely.

AUDIO ONLY: Resonance Energy Session for Dissolving the Programs of Powerlessness and Separation – January 2019 New Moon

A little something else to uplift and support…

I have been led to start sharing via video. Uncut. Small bites. Spur of the moment from wherever I am. Car, beach, temporary resting place, wherever. I will post these all on my YouTube channel which you can join here if you’d like to be notified when I post something new. They may show up in these missives as well. 

Here is the latest – a 35 second snippet of bird song – amazement, joy and restoration.

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Wishing you…

Every. Single. Beautiful. Loving. Good thing!

Love and joyful blessings,