Stepping out of the shower

In Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

“You are not alone.”

These are the words I heard echo through me as I stepped out of the shower this morning.

It is easy to think, to believe that you are my love.

You have but a single suit of sinew, bone and flesh.

You have an entire constellation of emotion, thoughts, curiosities, experiences – an entire reality – going on within your being that often does not match the quick shifting of the seeming “true” reality that is playing out in front of you. Outside of you.

There is a distinct portion of you that does not resonate with the current version of mass consciousness being expressed through the lens of social and mass media.

There is a shifting uneasiness, an uncertainty in your belly. A great movement and adjustment going on within that has no words. A shift taking place within the deepest recesses of your being that you are unable to name. To articulate. To share. To grab hold of and quantify.

And dear one, you are not alone.

This IS the shift. We are in the midst of it. The chaos. The low level unease. The feeling of being out of sorts.

We are all smack dab in the middle.

Each of us sorting this out on the inside for ourselves – because we must. Because we are each being called to more. More of ourselves.

Called to a greater degree of inner authority, authenticity, sovereignty and autonomy within the Whole.

There are so, so many of us being called to more of the multidimensionality of who we are.

We are calling in our gifts. Our talents. Our purpose.

We are being called to gather our Self to ourselves.

To re-member our selves.

To step into something larger than what we know. Something already conceived within the star of our own Soul, yet unseen, unknown, unborn.

This is a sometimes dizzying and incredibly dynamic time. Things fall into place. Then they change. Again and again and again. Often in unexpected ways. A continuous rise and fall of movement. Of re-ordering.

There is a purging and releasing taking place in every strata of existence – making way for what is rising.

Each of us are being called to show up. To serve and express in infinitely different ways.

Maybe you are called to drop inside and tune out the quickly shifting and cacophonous sounds of the outside world.

Maybe you are called to shout from the rooftops.

Maybe you are called to care for other beings.

Maybe you are called to leave – a relationship, a home, a way of life.

Whatever you are called to do – You are not alone.

Maybe you are struggling.

Maybe you are uncertain.

Maybe you are feeling the fire of fury in your belly, the tightness of grief and sadness in your heart, the calm of presence in your Core.

Maybe you are reaching out beyond you to grasp what is out of view in front of you and bring it into focus.

Maybe you are holding tight to what you know to attempt to control outcomes.

Maybe your home has literally burned to the ground. Or blown away. Or been swept down river.

You, dearest one are not alone.

You are part of something revolutionary and grand that is being brought into fruition.

I am standing beside you, dear one. We are each standing beside each other.

In the field of infinite possibilities and love…

I am standing right here with you.