Special addition – Energy Session for releasing fear from the collective…

In Soul by Melani Marx

Increasingly my life is informed and shaped by a deep inward listening.

Experiencing what is here in each moment. Aligning to Divine Timing rather than my own. Going when and where I hear to go. Sitting still when there is no clear movement forward, no matter what the habituated voices in my head urge.

Usually I am called to create an Energy Resonance Session on or around the Full Moon that is meant to work with you for the next 28 – 29 day Moon cycle.

When I did not feel compelled to do this. When there was a big internal pause, I listened and was curious why.

Many of you have asked if you missed it. No, you did not.

Much is changing, moving up an octave, so to speak. Apparently so is this.

Today marks the 3rd quarter moon.

This is the movement in the ebb and flow of the moon’s cycle that is about decrease – or letting go. Of putting down what we are complete with. What we may no longer carry with us as we move into the next New Moon cycle. This happens to some degree whether we are consciously working with this dynamic or not.

Life is always a simultaneous dance of letting go and taking in.

Renewal and death.

Each breath we take shows us this.
We can even use it consciously, align to this powerful and ever present cycle.

Breathing out tension, resistance, fear.

Breathing in love. Possibility. Vital Life force.

Letting go.

Welcoming in.

Allowing what is ready to be released to simply fall away like leaves in an Autumn wind.

Today as I was walking the headlands near my home, at exactly 11:11, I heard the directive to create an Energy Session for releasing fear from the collective.

To support and nourish a fundamental shift that is taking place both individually and collectively as we move out of the old paradigm of control, separation and victimization and into one of equity, cooperation, unity and coherence.

Loosening the roots of fear in the collective.

Creating space for presence.

Breathing out….

Breathing in….

I was shown that this will work not only with you as an individual – each time you listen and hold an intention of clearing yourself, it will amplify exponentially and support the clearing of the collective as well.

Yes. We are powerful beings, dear one. Even more so when we do something together that benefits self AND other.

There are programs running in the collective that increase fear. Old looping patterns of survival and separation seeded into the ancestral song.

It is time for these to be loosened, released, transformed – seen for what they truly are – disempowering wraiths that limit our ability to step forward in our own inner authority and sovereignty, fully aligned to our Soul Song, creating the future our hearts long to realize.

Fascinating that today is Halloween! The day we purposely frighten ourselves, shake hands with frightening images and embrace the dark, ghouls and ghosts!

As I went to write a note about this earlier I heard loud and clear. “Simply do this thing. Create it.  Empower it. Let it go. Each will do with it as they will.”

So this is what I am doing today. Listening to my inner directive. Sharing it with you. Standing in love. Letting it go.

All Hallow’s Eve Resonance Energy Session to Release Fear from the Collective

This meditation is deep and restorative Soul Medicine for our times.

Allowing you to remember and align to the truth that is INSIDE you.

Wash away fear.

Release anxiousness.

Help you to see more clearly.

Stand more firmly in your Soul’s clear Light and knowing.

It’s about five and one half minutes long.

Listen as often as you wish – the affect is cumulative. There is no expiration date.

Please – Share it freely.

For Audio only, please click here:  Resonance Energy Session to Release Fear

Or for video, click play below: