Soooo Many Good Things Just For You

In Spirit by Melani Marx

Hello lovely and amazing human!
As I was finishing up this Missive to you, I was inspired to begin by singing you a little healing song this morning – 
A wee, spur of the moment Energy Healing Sound Transmission (say that five times fast!) utilizing the power of the Balsamic and New Moon energies to assist you in releasing whatever has been bubbling up these last many weeks and is now ripe and ready to be set aside, left behind, let go of. 
Yippee! Here’s to feeling lighter!
This creates a lovely space to open up to abundant blessings, new support, new ways of being. Think a lighter, more authentic and uplifted sense of self. Also part of the intention of this tiny, yet potent Transmission.
You can listen on SoundCloud and share.

Or download here to listen anytime on your own device. 
More support and resources for letting go of what no longer serves below…

Maybe even to come back to and savor. 

I believe that everything we do matters. Not just in the physical sense, also through our sincere intentions, through what we do, how we show up and through our own inner work and transformation. 
All of this affects the Whole of humanity.
Having worked in the realm of subtle energy for so long I can “see” the connections and impact we all have. This brings great hope and nourishes my sense of purpose. 
You matter. I matter. We ALL matter. 
There IS no Whole without ALL of the humans. All of the beings. 
Over the last many years I have spent a considerable amount of time looking at my own toxic exposure, the various ways that manifests and how to mitigate that simply and effectively. 
How to have my actions support a world I want the generations still to come to inhabit. 
How my small personal actions can have a greater impact.

Toxins may be things we consume or are exposed to knowingly or unknowingly – physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually.
 Most of us are moving so fast we don’t always consider the consequences of what we take in. We may not have the information to make thoughtful choices. Sometimes we are simply too tired to do something different.

Cuz – sooooo much input!
We may be exposed to toxins through the foods we eat. The things we listen to, watch or read. Through products we use. The water we drink. Through our jobs and our relationships. 
We can find ourselves immersed in toxic thinking. Our beliefs and those of the dominant culture, when not aligned with what is the deeper truth of who we are, can become toxic as well.
Once I started thinking about toxic load I realized how vast a subject it is. It is not something I was able to process or learn about quickly. I sure didn’t do this overnight.
It took an open mind and heart.
It included being willing to be open to the distinct possibility that I absolutely didn’t know everything I thought I knew and that what I was using or doing wasn’t necessarily my best choice.
Sometimes it took tolerance and steely presence to listen to subjects or humans I had preconceived ideas about.          
It took curiosity and the willingness to learn and try something new. 
It took tremendous compassion, forgiveness and self-love toward myself and towards humans in general. 
And the understanding and faith that small steps have big impact.
Remember – everything we do matters. 

I want to share a few of my favorite things with you that reduce toxic load for myself and in many cases the planet. Things that increase my health and well-being AND have a positive impact. These include everyday items to inner and outer transformational one.
These have made my life better in many ways. A few have been life changing.
All of these I have shared with other humans, some for years. Those that have tried them mostly LOVE them, continue to use them and share them with others. 
This is how we change the world. Opening to new ideas and making small consistent changes. Sharing what we have discovered.
I put this list in the form of a downloadable pdf so you can peruse it at your leisure and share it with others if you’d like. Perhaps you will find a thing or two that will support your own vibrant health and well-being.

You can find it here.

As we move into Winter and turn the page on the calendar this is a wonderful time to foster greater health and wellbeing for ourselves. 
To slow down and allow ourselves to rest and dream. To envision the world we want to live in. 
To allow old thoughts, beliefs, ways of beings and doing that no longer nourish and truly support is to fall away. 
There is an intrinsic ebb and flow within the natural world. Think seasons. Think Ocean tides. Think Trees. 
Our body’s natural inclination, as the nights become longer and the temperatures colder – which is what is happening in the Northern Hemisphere right now – is to nourish, tend, restore and rest. Bring our attention more inward, become more reflective. Again  – think Trees.
We often forget that we too are animal beings. That in the not too distant past we took our cues from the landscape and Nature herself in attunement with her cycles rather than the fast paced artificial, “better living through chemistry”,  always “on” culture that is dominant.
In my little kitchen I have stew simmering and Life Changing Bread baking in the oven. My heaviest wool socks are on my feet, a scarf around my neck. My snow boots are by the door. Winter is well and truly here in Montana.
May my slow vibe sweeten your day.