Resources to Support, Settle and Uplift Us All

In Courage by Melani Marx

Greetings radiant Soul inhabiting a magnificent human body…

May the luminous light of Love wrap and enfold you as well as those surrounding you today. 

May Kindness and Gentleness take you by the hand and lead you through your day.

May the intrinsic Strength within you en-Courage you as you step forward in each moment. 

May you find Comfort in small ordinary moments. 

May the sweetness of Beauty inspire and uplift you. 

May you feel the infinite Support that is all around you – seen and unseen – in every moment.

And dear one, may you have the courage and presence to reach out ask for what you need, when you need it. None of us are islands. 

We are all in this together.

This is certainly a time of great un-certainty. Of crisis. 

The Chinese word for crisis is actually made up of two characters. Danger and opportunity.

This is a good reminder that in the midst of this global crisis there is both. 

I am confident you are more than informed about the danger afoot and how to work with it. 

I want to explore the opportunity.

How we can support the tender inside of us and those we are connected to – which is ALL OF US – as well as take care of the outer. 

To do that I have gathered a few thoughtful resources together for you.

May they support, nourish and uplift you and yours. May they stimulate a sense of safety as well as strengthen your immune system. May they connect you to your own wise inner knowing, lift and fortify your Spirit.

The first is a meditation by Desda Zuckerman to enhance the immune system as well as stop a cold, virus, flu in it’s tracks. Her work with our Sacred Anatomy has informed my work and has been one of the ways I support my own energetic health.

The link below will take you to the page where you may sign up and have it emailed to you. This will most likely sign you up for her newsletter as well – of course you can always unsubscribe later if you choose. 

Spiritual Strength and Stamina for the Cold Season
A beautiful meditative healing practice for immune support in this challenging time

Music and movement are powerful ways to shift our energy, remind us of who and what we are as well as boost our immunity. Turn them up, move your body and drink them in! 

This luminous and beautiful song by India Arie is one I have been listening to.

I Am Light 

As well as this extraordinary song by Johanna Beekman

The Light Inside

This post is by one of the most beautiful, wise and grounded beings I know – a friend and mentor – Hiro Boga.  Perhaps this thoughtful, clear eyed, soul-filled and hopeful piece will invite a new foundation.

Covid-19 and the Remaking of Our World.

This one is a post I published some time ago that a dear friend said she came across this week. She shared that it felt timely and deeply supportive. Perhaps you will find it so as well.

You Absolutely Do Not Have to Know…

This last bit is what I wrote almost two months ago before I left home following the inner directive to travel and sit in the desert. It is as important and true in this moment as it was then.

I’ve been spending a lot of time these last many weeks quietly tuning in. 

Listening deeply. 

Observing what is being shown to me on the inside, in the unseen realms, in dream time – then also what is reflected back and confirmed in the outer. 

There are powerful shifts of consciousness pulsing through humanity. Shifting winds blowing, stirring things up. A Divine method to the madness. 

We are in such a powerful unfolding. This is the time to listen intently to what is deeper, wiser – inside. 

Dropping in. 

Breathing into our animal bodies, hands on bellies, rooting firmly into our beloved Gaia…. allowing what wants motion to move like a river going inexorably back to the sea… Be it grief, madness, love, anger, joy. 

Allowing ourselves to BE ourselves. 

Beautiful. Powerful. Fragile. Human. 


Feeling the quiet and powerful communion of Souls transforming the world.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all that you are. All that you do.

It matters.

You matter.