Reconnect and Restore Yourself

In Celebration by Melani Marx

Hello there exquisite human!

This morning at 8:32 AM PT, March 20th, marks the moment when in the Northern Hemisphere, the frozenness, inward energies of Winter officially give way to the restorative energies of Spring and rebirth. 

Daylight and darkness, Solar and Lunar energies hang balanced for a brief moment in time. The energies of vitality in the Earth herself measurably increase on or around the Spring or Vernal Equinox – precipitating the stirring and upwelling of vital life-force energy in all its myriad forms.

Equinoxes and Solstices are powerful days to reconnect to the Earth, Nature, the rhythms of Life and the natural order within us. To come back into greater balance with our true wildish nature. This is powerful healing medicine.

This past week I was asked to participate and assist in facilitating a healing experience for Elizabeth Gutierrez’s Water Keepers Community.  This inspired me to create an Energetic Healing Meditation and Sound Transmission for the Spring Equinox to share with you.

This Equinox Energy Healing Transmission is designed and intended to support you to align and open to the powerful energies of the season. To connect more easily to the Divine inspiration within you and bring greater ease and flow as well as activate and replenish nourishing healing energies available within you during this potent time. 

This Equinox Energy Healing Transmission is about 25 minutes long. If possible and comfortable for you –  being outside while listening and receiving is especially powerful.

No worries if you are unable to do it exactly on the Equinox. This transmission is designed to carry the energies of the Spring Equinox whenever you pause to receive and take it in.

It’s best to listen in a quiet, comfortable space –when you can allow yourself to deepen into restoration and greater awareness of the Wholeness you intrinsically are. 

You may want a notebook/journal to jot down any inspiration or messages that arrive. 

Drinking plenty of water and taking a bath with equal parts sea salt and baking soda would be wonderful aftercare. 

I wish you this gift of rest, restoration and awakening.

Enjoy and Happies of  Equinox Blessings!

Listen below on Soundcloud –

 Spring Equinox Meditation and Sound Healing Transmission

Please feel free to share. 

In the previous missive sent out in February, included was a journal entry I call An Invocation for Rebirth.

Words to support your inner and outer transformative journey

It feels very applicable to this moment in time. To the commencement of Spring, the regeneration of Life here in the Northern Hemisphere and to the situation we humans find ourselves experiencing on this relatively small rock spinning round and round though vast space. 
Perhaps you would like to revisit it. It may be nourishing to your mind, spirit and soul as it is to mine.

You can do that right here.