Read this! You will be glad you did

In Soul by Melani Marx

Hello there lovely human!

The energies at play are quite big these next several days.

As I was sitting quietly, feeling into them this morning, this transmission came through spur of the moment. It’s about eight minutes long and will support you to not only take advantage of the energies at play, it will bring a sense of rest and ease to your entire system.

In the midst of this busy time, dear one I invite you to take a moment — even, especially if you don’t feel you can — to stop. To grab your favorite beverage of choice, settle into a comfy chair or even recline and to rest into the following transmission of peace, love, restoration and a wee reboot. You will be glad you did. 

December 2019 Light Transmission for Restoration and Peace


I want you to know, dear one that you are so much more than enough. More than what you do or have or believe. 

That you matter.

That you are infinitely more spacious, and powerful than your mind can even begin to comprehend.

That the breath that you take, the beat of your heart, the presence of your exquisite Soul here on planet Earth at this time is a Gift to all. A song. An affirmation. A unique and valued note in the chorus of the vast and infinite Cosmos.

That I deeply appreciate you and all that you are. All that you do. All that you dream.

Wishing you gentle blessings of love, restoration and the generative Spirit of Aloha during this pivotal season of Light – from the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

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