Re-membering Your Inner Fulcrum of Calm – Your New Moon Resonance Session Inside

In Courage by Melani Marx

Hello Beautiful Human! 

A short missive of encouragement, celebration and love… with a little prezzie at the end. 

As the winds of change swirl and shift, in some cases literally burning the house down, there is a powerful force of liberation and release rippling through the planet.

Sometimes this can be very painful. Sometimes we are wrenched from our everyday in a way that is sharp, electric and shocking. Sometimes it all feels like more than we can handle… and yet, we do. 

Someone once said that the planet Uranus – known to precipitate sudden and unexpected “surprises” – is doing for us what we are unable to do for ourselves. Being the eternal optimist that I am I find this a soothing and reassuring thought.

I have a deep and abiding bedrock of belief that we live in a benevolent and beneficent Universe. When the crap hits the fan this has always stood me in good stead.

This knowing has become the deep, wide and sturdy roots that allow me to sway and flow with the winds, always, eventually coming back to center. I am no stranger to the fierce and sometimes destructive storms of Life.

I want to transmit some of that certainty, that calm clear center to you today. Some of the deep knowing held in my bones, my blood, my viscera as it flows directly from Gaea, from the planet, from the Great Mother herself. 

This core of calm is within you as well.

Remember all of the times you have felt it – even in the midst of chaos.

The chaos that is the very epicenter of the shifts that carry us to something new. The  unraveling that causes us to let go, unfold, unwind. Become. 

We modern humans – we like things to stay the same. For many of us this engenders Safety. Security. Certainty. 

The nature of the Cosmos however is Change. Growth. Evolution. And each one of us are an exquisite, necessary and unique aspect of this infinite and ever-changing Cosmos. 

Seasons change. Leaves fall. The sap moves inward and down as Winter’s winds sweep and scour the Land. Everything appears to be lost. Barren. Forsaken.

Yet the Tree’s roots are firm. Steady.

When the Earth begins to warm the roots spread, creating the necessary foundation for the branches to follow suit – in time. A tree can only grow in circumference to the degree that the roots hold and support that same circumference, balance and steadfastness underground. 

This steadiness is deeply encoded in the Tree’s nature, its very DNA. 

It is in yours as well, dear one. 

Intrinsically entwined within all layers of your being is this steadiness. Your inner fulcrum of calm. Your unruffled, unflappable, tranquil ocean of Rest. Of Certainty. Of Safety. 

Its home is not found in anything external, although that which is external can and may help you connect to your inner steadiness. 

Take a moment now and ask now to connect to your inner fulcrum of calm.  
Breathe it in…slow and easy…

Your mind may insist it is not that simple…  yet it is. 

AND it is like any relationship that grows, expands and strengthens over time. The off-road way through high grass first taken is not easily traversed. Traveled over and over it becomes well worn, smooth and easily navigated.

The path to re-membering ourselves, to remembering that everything we seek is already within. Already part of the Soul’s knowing, the perfect and miraculous pattern it holds for you.

I made a little something today in these last hours before the New Moon to assist you with this re-membering. 

A transmission of love, steadiness and calm….from me to you.

So, so, soooo much love to you, dear one. 

New Moon Resonance Energy Session – Inspired by the New Moon in Scorpio – Connecting to Calm, Harmony and Inner Steadfastness – meeting you exactly where you are in this moment. 

This Energy Session is powerful, deep and restorative Soul Medicine for our times.

Allowing you to remember and align to the truth that is INSIDE you.

Wash away the underpinnings of doubt, despair, fear, lack and the siren song of powerlessness. 

Unravel the misunderstandings of separation from Source.

Help you to see more clearly.

Stand more firmly and root into your Soul’s clear Light and knowing.

It’s about six and one half minutes long. Let it wash over and through you…

Listen as often as you wish – the affect is cumulative. There is no expiration date. 

Please – Share it freely.

Audio only version, click here: Resonance Energy Session for Connecting to Calm, Harmony and Inner Steadfastness