Practice Possibility

Practice Possibility

In Courage by Melani Marx

Practice Possibility.

Use its name. Call it in…

          When you feel uncertain or nervous.

          When you feel up against a wall.

          When you feel tired and overwhelmed.

          When you feel contracted or worried about the future.

          When you don’t know what to do next.

Let possibility inform your actions, your thinking, your view….

When you feel in conflict with someone or something.

When everything feels as though it is closing in.

When you have a hard time accepting what is so.

When you need to choose or decide.

When everything appears barren and empty.

Stop and invite possibility…

When you are intentionally creating something close to your heart.

When you feel sad, alone, lonely.

When you feel joyful and gloriously alive.

When you feel as though there is only “yes” or “no” – this or that – him or me.

Invite possibility into your heart, your mind, your belly, your being.

Roll it around on your tongue. Play with possibility.

Say it aloud and let the word “pooo –  ssssi  – biiiil – itteeeee”  drift and float out into the aether – into the ear of  Divine Beneficence.

Write possibilities’ names over and over and over again. Like a lost friend. A new  love.

A true thing.

Practice opening to possibility.

Open the door….

To something new.

To something as yet unknown.

Notice what happens when you do.