Out Beyond the Edge

In Courage by Melani Marx

I have recorded an audio version of this missive if you would enjoy listening – here.

Hello lovely and amazing human,

You who are mastering the unwinding of tightly wound perceptions. 

Dissolver of old, threadbare identities…
Deepest ocean diver of inner truth and raw, stark beauty…
Lover of Divine magic and laughter. 

Releaser of narrow, stifling and fulfilling views. 
Unwinder of cellular beliefs handed down and down through countless generations. 

Courageous unraveler of patterns programmed and indoctrinated through eons of perpetration and oppression, releasing that which seeded fear, belief in lack and imbalance deeply into the unconscious collective.

You beautiful and tender being, gently setting down that which no longer satisfies the wild yearning, the deeper hunger of your soul/spirit/authentic self. 

Bless you.  Bless you. Bless you. 

You are a hero/heroine – standing on the edge of the unknown. 

Dear courageous and shining one – I stand here right beside you. 

Some moments patient. Waiting. Open and curious.
Others frustrated af that this unrelenting deep dive – this complete inner unraveling of what has held “personal identity” together on every level of being comes apart seemingly at the seam – like the fabric of reality itself as it shifts into a new more aligned order. 
Nope. There is no going back. Breathe into that, lovely. And it is OK. You are just in the middle. And the middle is often messy.
Desiring certainty and still surrendering ever more deeply to the mystery. 
Standing on the edge. Solid and amorphous. 
I stand here with you. 

Weary of attempting to explain what cannot be explained – this turning of Self inside out. It is most certainly not business as usual. (I laugh at this phrase that kept running through my head as unimagined prophecy eighteen months ago. Simple words heralding the fiber of the known to unravel.)
It is no simple thing to quantify or clarify that which has been/is in constant movement and rearrangement. Capturing a moment of brilliance and understanding the pattern, to gain momentum or direction  – only to have it replaced with confusion in the next. Be ever so gentle with yourself. 
As tempting as it is – don’t be too fast to attach to a new perception. Stay open to what new revelation is just around the corner. This is a peeling of layers upon layers, not a one and done. 
Our minds soooo want to know. We humans being just don’t deal all that well with uncertainty.
 And yet… this is what we are being called to embrace. Fully. Completely. Absolutely. This last year almost unrelentingly. And not just in the outside world. 
We are being called to continually open to the moment. Giving way in the next. Learning to surrender over and over to what is, to our glorious humanness. Developing and strengthening the skills of presence, awareness – our own rich and varied inner cosmos.

No one is immune. No matter how much you have devoted your life to your inner work. No matter how cozy your circumstances. No matter how much work you have done. 

No matter how deeply you have already excavated. No matter how famous of an expert you are. No matter how sincerely blessed you are. No matter how sure you have been/are that you have the answers. 

None of that matters.

Something new is being born. The whole world is in a chrysalis of becoming. 

Each of us are doing this in our own timing and in our own way.

Rest assured your Soul knows exactly what it is doing. You cannot get this wrong. This River cannot be pushed, slowed or controlled and at the end of the day we are all going to the same destination. 

And dear one… 
You are not alone. 

You are a powerful contributor. Each and every one of us humans are contributing in our own unique ways to this becoming that we are smack dab in the midst of. This mass falling away of what is false. Masks coming off. Facades crumbling. Humanity’s Shadow on full display. 


Yes. And… 
I perceive this as a profound blessing. An essential opportunity. A powerful right of passage into what our deepest longings are calling us toward. If you are reading this you came here to participate. You know this in your bones.
Every single time any of us has the courage to let go of a tightly held belief. A calcified perception. A defense no longer needed. When even one of us steps into the world of the inner unknown and opens to something fresh – we are all blessed. 
Each time one of us drops a facade and simply says the heart-felt truth as we see it in the moment – even and most importantly – if only to ourselves. 
Not to convince, coerce or unconsciously manipulate another. Not to control an outcome. Simply to rest in the bare bones truth of your innermost knowing. To cultivate trust and belief in yourself. Your whispered knowing.  To cultivate your own inner alignment, integrity, authenticity. To deepen your sense of peace and well-being.
We are all informed. Supported. Enlivened. Encouraged by this.
To simply say aloud…
“I don’t want to do this anymore. 
This is hurting me. I need to stop. 
I feel afraid. 
I don’t know how. 
I want more of this! 
This really sucks. 
Thank you. 
I love you. 
I see you.”

Each and every one of us are re-membering ourselves. 

This is messy work.

Sometimes it feels like we cannot catch a break, catch our breath. And yet – there are also many small miracles. Signs. Kindnesses. Lovely humans. Glimmers of light on the horizon that keep us moving forward. 

Don’t give up, beauty. Keep going. 

Breathe deep into your belly. 

Be infinitely kind and tender with yourself. 

Look for beauty in the everyday. 

Sing your prayers. 

Treat yourself gently like a young and innocent child in pain – when emotions are high. 

Take a bath. 

Keep your practice of gratitude going. 

Drink more than plenty of water – your energy system runs on it and believe me –  it is working overtime right now. 

Go for a walk and truly experience, feel your body moving – hip, ankle, elbow. Be with your breath. Let Nature stun you into senseless and momentary joy with her magnificence. 

Bestow beneficent blessings on everyone and everything you see. 

Rest. Slow down. 

Say no. 

Ask for help. None of us can do this alone. We aren’t meant to. 

This is heavy lifting. 


You are more than up for this.

Remember dear one – you are not alone. 

Perhaps this small message will allow your being to rest a tad more deeply. Allow a release of pent up emotion. Be a little reminder of what you already know, a tiny glimmer on the horizon. 

Perhaps it doesn’t resonate at all. No worries. Not all of us need the same thing at the same time. 

Wherever you are. Whatever is so for you in this moment here is what I know. 

You are courageous. 

You are beautiful. 

You are an amazing evolving human being. 

I love you. 

Thank you for showing up in all your human glory

And – once again – you are sooo not alone in this. 

PS… Good News! 

The unrelenting, survival minded and more solitary nature of the Lunar Year of the Metal Rat has now given way to the slower, more deliberate, community minded pace of the Metal Ox – February 12. Catch your breath and let yourself unwind from the crazy. The energy has shifted.