Opening to the Light and Blessings of Solstice

In Celebration, Soul by Melani Marx

Hi there lovely,

It is Sunday afternoon –  the last New Moon of 2017 is tonight here on the West coast.

On Thursday – here in the Northern hemisphere it is Winter Solstice  – possibly my favorite day of the year.

This longest night is always the welcome pivot point of the year – heralding the return of the light.

These last weeks, every time I “look” at the Solstice I see an enormous and solid doorway of brilliant, shining white light. A doorway that we are collectively moving toward and into. I have never seen anything quite like it before.

This time, these next days and weeks as the year comes to a close and beyond feel very potent to me.

I feel an enormous quickening.

An extraordinary opportunity is presenting itself to consciously and deliberately shed that which is binding and with mindful intent step into a larger and fuller experience of oneSelf. One more grand than we have ever had access to before.

This I believe is available to each of us. The time is upon us…

This Solstice is a magnificent time to open to the light that is available in such abundance.

To call in a truer version of you.

To let go of outworn ideas about self and other.

To allow yourself to not know. To be surprised. Delighted. Illuminated. Remade.

To be deeply compassionate, loving and kind to self, other and the world at large.

To be mindful of our boundaries and borders vs the defenses we have built over lifetimes.

AND – It is important to remember and recognize that as we each step more fully into the light of our Wholeness, as we let go of what is outworn and tattered that we are raising our energetic frequency – sometimes very quickly, even exponentially.

This new higher vibration will always bring the “shadows” we are releasing to the surface – to be seen, embraced, welcomed into the heart of our being. This is simply the natural flow. The shaking out. The deconstruction. The necessary shedding.

During this time…

Your physical body may feel more taxed and strained. Give it rest. Let go of pushing. Enjoy good food and lots of clean water.

Your emotions may be all over the place. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself quiet time. Step away. Let yourself feel them without buying into any scary stories attached.

To move the energy and allow it to flow –

Take a walk in Nature.
Do something creative.
Talk it through with a good and supportive friend.

Your thoughts could be a bit darker than usual during an up level. Gently turn your attention back to what is also true. Start a practice of gratitude and appreciation. Use a mantra that helps you to rest into discomfort.

One of my favorites is – ” I wonder how this is working out well for me?” and ” All is well. I am well.”

You might begin to question what you have always held to be true. The perspectives you have held and the lens through which you have viewed the world may feel constricting, heavy, too tight. Consider allowing yourself to open to a lighter, more liberated stance and point of view. Let your heart and belly be your guide. Let it be OK to not know.

Please – Always remember as you traverse these shifts – You are not doing anything wrong. You are doing everything just right.

You are simply in the midst of opening to more.

This is happening all around you as well as within you. This is the times in which we are living.

All of this movement is carrying you in the direction your Soul is laying out ahead of you. I know and trust this with every fiber of my being. The Soul’s view is so much larger and expansive than our personality’s.

The flow of the River is swiftly moving us forward. Relaxing and letting go will make the journey much more enjoyable.

I am right here beside you on this magnificent River –  waving and sending my blessings your way, dear one…