Let the changing of the seasons carry you to your one true spot

You already see the seasons . . . the cycles . . . the solstices . . . the waxing and waning of the moon.
Now it’s time to ride those dancing energies as you reclaim your one true spot in the cosmos.

Align with the powerful energies in the season ahead. Ride the energy of the season, the moon, the rotation of the Earth. Allow the season to carry you forward on your journey of deeper self-understanding.

As you connect with the luminous gold of transformation, I will guide you as you sort through the accumulation of past experiences, familial and ancestral history, stories, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energy.

Together, we will:

  • Sort through and integrate what has brought you to this moment
  • Deeply release what no longer serves you
  • Soften any resistance or worry about what’s coming
  • Know and accept the path your highest self is calling you to
  • Locate and tap into your unique connection with unconditional love, unlimited resources and infinite possibilities
  • Personally align to the BIG energies, planetary and otherwise, so you gain ease and fluidity

This is a private and intimate group of eight, so I can get to know you and create a personalized experience of guidance, growth, healing and transformation for each person.

Nourishing Support and Luscious Awakening

I’ll guide you as we follow the cycles of the moon through your One Season. As a group, we will gather (virtually) by the new moon and again by the full moon. Working in sacred community amplifies what is possible for us all.

There is a sensual quality to this journey. Yes, we will be in conversation, but much of what you will experience occurs at a level below words. As such, group members also receive:

  • Energy work

    done on your behalf (at a distance) to support your alignment with your intentions, and the energy of the season and the planets. Prepare for health, wholeness and transformation to take root.

  • One Season elixir

    a combination of plant and gemstone essences held in pure spring water, handmade for your group to support you on your One Season journey. Allow the power and wisdom of Nature herself to wake you up and hold you as you shift.

  • Personalized One Season MP3

    a powerful energy session featuring Melani’s gemstone crystal bowls, personalized just for you. Many of our clients listen to this track as they drift to sleep (or even do dishes!) to align with their highest purpose and wisdom.

One Season is by invitation only. If you feel called to join, please apply for a time to chat with me here.

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