On Calling Yourself Back…

In Tools by Melani Marx

Hi there amazing human,

The last several months have been a bit of a whirlwind as an enormous amount of change has taken place in my own life. I know from speaking to many of you, you have been experiencing a lot of shift and flow as well in yours.

And holy wow! There are even more big adventures out in front of me before this year winds down to a close. I’m not quite ready to share details, suffice it to say, however – it is all lovely and wonderful. I’ll share more as things fall into place.

I find that even wonderful changes can activate old patterns and ways of dealing with uncertainty.

The knee-jerk reactions long hardwired into our bodies and being resurface under stress.

One of my old ways of coping and default patterns is to energetically get out ahead of myself.

I learned as a child to “lean forward” and to “scout the terrain” ahead as means of discerning if I was safe or not. This was a magnificent coping mechanism when I was young.

Not so much now.

As my level of practicing and resting into presence has increased over the last many years this old pattern has stayed mostly at rest. I learned through lots of adventures, in many wild and unfamiliar places to practice resting in uncertainty and the unknown.

Because of the increased presence and calm in my daily experience, I now am very aware of the high level of stress moving out ahead of myself creates in my body, as well as the loud noise it creates in my mind.

A couple of nights ago after taking some deep slow breaths in the midst of a conversation and coming completely to rest in the present, I heard some words that came to me many years ago as I was working very hard to grasp “presence.”

“The mind is not presence.”

In other words if there is a running commentary in my head, even if I am thinking about presence … I am NOT present. 

When I stop, breathe and come back to myself. When I get present – I remember that Life will take care of itself. Attending to this moment is all that is needed. 

I remember that staying here in THIS very moment is the most effective and useful thing I can do to support the unfolding of the future. 

I am always, always able to traverse successfully whatever the present moment dishes up for me. 

This I have proven to myself over and over and over again. 

Getting out ahead of myself and chewing on the future is like a dog worrying a bone. It can keep me busy and distracted. And. It has shown itself to be highly counterproductive.

It creates a spin in my mind and being and I start to move in circles.

This negatively impacts my health and well being. 

 And most importantly my enjoyment of what is right in front in me is greatly diminshed. 

Life is very short. The moments tick by so fast! 

I want to enjoy being here in the now moment. 

I want to savor every Sunflower, cool breeze, thunder storm, hug, conversation with other humans. 

I want to take in the smiles, the laughing eyes, the blue sky, the cold, wetness of dew on my bare feet as I greet the day before sunrise in my nightgown. 

I want to drop in and listen with my whole being when someone is sharing their heart with me.

I want to feel the birdsong and the wind rustling in the trees with my whole body.

I want to take in and see the messages and signs left as gifts along my path that help me to know I am loved and supported. The signs that confirm the next steps.

I want to be fully present for my Life!

I’m going to share an abbreviated version of one of the practices I do to call myself back. It’s pretty short and highly effective.

It’s a great thing to do first thing in the morning – after dreamtime. 

It’s highly useful if you find yourself wandering around in the future, the past or awfulizing in your mind. 

It’s extremely helpful when you are feeling the weight of the world like a heavy blanket – the sorrow, horror, fear and suffering – and can’t seem to let it go.

Perhaps you’d like to try it on and see how it feels. 

Take a moment before you begin to simply notice…

any sensations you are experiencing in your body,..

the state of your mind….

the current song of your emotions…

Take a mental note.

This is the tiniest, tiniest morsel of the tools and practices for effective humaning that I will be sharing in class this week. 

There is still time to join in and a few more spots open.

I invite you to join me.

There are two foundational things I facilitate and share with others. These both strongly support those that have a burning desire to show up fully and shine in all their intrinsic bright and shiny brilliance. 

Those that want to express thier incarnational purpose as fully as possible in this lifetime.

The first is a class I will be joyfully teaching in just a few days.

It is the class I have come to affectionately call essential practices for successful humaning.

In this class I share the foundational practices I use every day to maintain my own bright and shiny nature. To support me in staying present and open to the miracles, the signs, solutions I am calling in. To support me in truly enjoying Life. 

I invite you to join me.  

You can read more here. 

(Alumni check your inbox for your special repeat price.)

The other is something I have been facilitating for about ten years now and it has become the understructure of my practice for working with clients.

Every human that has done this series has come out the other side truly transformed and more of who they authentically are.  This work, still after all these years, impresses and amazes me with its efficacy.

Go here to learn more or drop me an email

With the greatest of beneficent blessings and love to you for the fulfillment of your heart’s deepest longings…