Nourishing and Replenishing Your Spirit

In Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

Hello lovely human!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are just the other side of the Autumnal Equinox. The light is waning and I have been journeying – actively listening to the Land, to the Waters and to the pulse of the People as I travel.

As early snow falls in the north – this is what I am hearing. 

We – humanity – are facing collective burnout. To say the world is moving very fast is an understatement. We have become a culture highly attuned to consumption. To mental processes. Acculturated to always moving quickly toward what is next. Toward more. Toward better. This has created a deep imbalance in our human natures.

Most of us walk around with smart phones in our hands, our handbags, our pockets – connected to the entire data base of mankind, which is exponentially expanding every nano-second. 

As a collective we are feeling overwhelmed. 

We spend an enormous amount of time taking in, consuming  – not much, if any deliberately and mindfully integrating, releasing, restoring and simply resting. 

Imagine if we just kept eating and drinking without any elimination or assimilation.

We need to restore the balance. 

But how?

I have a friend who for years and years has spent every single Saturday in silence. She turns off the phone, walks away from the computer. Turns off the external noise. Sloooows way down – cooks, takes a walk, reads something nourishing, stretches, writes, sits. 

This weekly ritual allows her to catch up with herself. To assimilate and integrate. Supports her nervous system to restore. Her entire being to let go, drop in and deeply rest. 


I used to think this was an amazing indulgence. I have come to realize that quiet, restorative time assiduously carved out for oneself is an imperative. A revolutionary act. Much needed medicine for the collective Soul-sickness of our times. 

It is in the silence, the in-between spaces, in the cessation of movement, of thought, of internal chatter – that our own innate wisdom and inner knowing can fully arise and support us.

It is in the quiet spaces that we may hear the Divine whisper in our ear.

It is in the Silence that the longed for inspiration, the inner directive by which to live our lives, for which we thirst, may pour in. That the healing words, the needed emotional balm may wash over us – soothing, nourishing and repairing our spirit, our hearts, our minds, our precious bodies.

That we may find rest and restoration. Make necessary course corrections. Fill up our chalice, our well – so we may continue to serve ourselves, our families, our planet, humanity. So that we may be an open vessel for the needed solutions to arrive, inspire and inform us. 

It is time to slow down. To proactively seek restorative space. To decide how we truly wish to live. 

To lovingly carve out our own regular regenerative expanses.

With this in mind – please join me

A rare and precious opportunity to be supported and held – your spirit nourished as you are lifted back home to yourself. Time to take a deep restorative breath and allow everything settle. 

Join me for a day of Sound and Silence. I promise you will be glad you did come November and December. 

Sound and Silence… is designed to meet you exactly where you are in the moment. It will dust you off, smooth the edges and lift you into a more connected, aligned and coherent version of yourself. Your nervous system will be soothed. Your energetic load lightened. Your spirit restored. 

It’s simple – You bring your beautiful self, your open heart and mind along with your own intention for yourself. 

When:  Saturday, October 26, 2019

Three 30- 45 minute Immersive Sound Healing Sessions, with lots of Silence. 

 9 am PT

12/noon PT

3 pm PT

Where: From the comfy nest of your own home, getaway cabin, or weekend Airbnb – a one day Restorative Sound Immersion Experience.

Financial Investment: $108.

How: Via internet or phone.

Sessions will be recorded for re-experiencing later – all season long. 

Register here.

You may want to consider clearing the decks to fully immerse yourself during your Sound and Silence Experience. Shoo the partner and kids away for the day or weekend, even take yourself to a friend’s cabin or book yourself a little Airbnb out of town. 

Once you’ve registered you will receive an email confirmation. 

Toward the beginning of October more details will follow, as well as some suggestions for making this a truly restorative, nourishing and satisfying experience – just for you.

Will you do me a favor? 

I’d love it if you would share this with anyone you think might be served by this opportunity.