New Year Blessings: Unfettered and Unfiltered

In Soul by Melani Marx

Hello lovely,

As the last few hours of 2017 unwind I am sitting quietly in a cabin in the woods on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

My daughter’s cat is keeping me company. The sun is making a rare and very welcome appearance warming me through the window and I am taking some time to look back before I step forward into the New Year.

As I sit in this moment it is difficult to truly take in the enormous depth and breadth of all of the changes that this past calendar year have brought – both globally and personally.

One thing I do know.

I am light years and lifetimes away from the woman who began the year 365 short days ago.

What a wild ride 2017 has been, eh?

I have no final or wise pronouncement on the year behind me. That backward glance of distillation and clarity usually arrives sometime well into January, even February as I allow myself time to truly bring the year to completion – in my own natural rhythm.

Winter is my time for contemplation.

Gazing back through my journals, reviewing the intentions I held tenderly in my heart and hands as I walked across the bridge into 2017 – I will catalog, list, order and fully digest all that took place – both on the inner and the outer. All of equal importance and value. All welcomed.

I will consciously and ceremonially say farewell to outworn dreams, outgrown beliefs, outdated points of view. My sense is there may be a bumper-crop this year!

I will gently unclench and uncurl my fingers, my mind, my belly, my spine – from postures, circumstances, grievances, hurts – that they are either holding tightly to, or standing in resistance of.

Allowing everything to relax. Let go. Come to ground.

Lie fallow for a time.

This is my own natural flow. I will honor this.

Spring will arrive. It will find me rested. Prepared.

Joyous in the flurry of its arrival.

What I DO know in this moment – as I stand in the brief span of time between one year and another is that I find myself more resolved and committed than ever…

To stand strong, tall and centered in my own inner authority and sovereignty. This is where coherence lives.

To ever more fully trust myself, the inner knowing and wise guidance that is always available to me –  if I am quiet. Listen. This is where solutions dwell.

To continue to courageously, even boldly step out and act on that inner guidance – no matter how nonsensical it may seem in the moment. This is where the magic and miracles live.

To allow the luminous light that is my soul to radiate and shine unfettered and unfiltered into the world – a beacon, a signal, a light of reflection, welcome and shining beauty for all who care to see. This is where purpose resides.

To doubt the doubt – of self, of purpose, of inner knowing, of the power of love. This is where choice lives.

To extend kindness, compassion and love to all – beginning most especially with myself. This is where connection is cultivated.

To do daily – in my own sphere of influence – all that I am able to create a more equitable, coherent and harmonious world. This is where positive change is given form.

To fully inhabit my one true place in the cosmos – share my gifts and talents, live my purpose, do the work that is only mine to do – unflinchingly and unstintingly – with joy and with all of the power I command within me. This is where deep satisfaction dwells.

To give myself the gift of caring for and tending to myself first – every day. I know that my own clarity, effectiveness and coherence depends on it. This is where health abides.

To cultivate, follow and trust – joy, presence, peace and satisfaction within my own precious being. These are the birthright of my soul.

As you step into the promise of the New Year I share with you my deepest love, encouragement and supportive wishes for your own life and its unfolding.

Wherever you are. Whatever your current circumstances…

Wishing you…

Every. Single. Beautiful. Loving. Good thing!

Happiest of Happy New Year!

Love and joyful blessings,