Messages of Love and Adventure

In Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

First sip snuggled under a mountain of blankets on a very cold morning. 

This vessel in my hands represents so many things. My new favorite morning companion in a long string of beautiful handmade favorites. 

Each past favored vessel accompanied me on my journeys to unknown places. Tucked safely in my car, ready for my morning ritual of hot milky tea, slowly savoring a new day, often in Nature, drinking in her healing medicine.

Each favored receptacle suddenly broken open, asunder at some unexpected moment – heralding a life change. A new path. A completion. An ending on the horizon. An opening.

Leaving me curious about what new adventure awaited.

Recognizing that this small beauty in my hands was gifted to me while my current morning companion was still whole and of a piece. 

My life full, whole. Satisfying. Complete.

And then a most unexpected meeting occurred. 

No broken mugs. Simply the gift of something new and beautiful arriving and taking root. 

Contemplating, this morning all the ways Life mirrors back to us what is so.

What is present. 

What is true – below the surface of our awareness. 

Whispering messages of Love. 


Signs of Magic. 

Portents of change.

Evidence of Miracles.

Amidst the clamor of disaster. The strong current of fear circulating in mass consciousness, prickling around the edges of my awareness… 

Underneath it all is Harmony. 

I remember again and again – I am not able to predict, know, ascertain the far future. 

I am not omnipotent, all knowing. 

I do not begin to know what is necessary to get us moved collectively to where the human Heart longs to go. What events are required to bring us to peace.

I lean back gratefully into the miraculous journey my own life has taken me on. 

Remembering this morning the vast darkness, upheaval and chaos my own path has required in order to be capable of resting this morning in the steadier, quieter faith and trust that the road ahead is indeed trustworthy. 

Life is trustworthy when we allow it to have its way with us. 

But, oh! The struggles to control outcome. 

To insist firmly on my own limited vision of what is needed. Required.

To push back and down on discomfort.

The feels I didn’t feel because I was deeply rooted in survival all those years. The torrents of emotion pushing up and out, bubbling up in relief and healing when the body and mind feel safe. 

And my resistance.  

Oh, the resistance! 

This. Is. Human. 

Pondering the wisdom of full on allowing – once again. 

Heart open. Mind curious. Taking the next step along the road. 

Packing up a life.

Feeling all the feels. 

Anticipating the crisp air and the fresh scent of adventure. 

Opening to the Magic. The miracle of being alive. 

Holding this beautiful handmade cup that is nothing like anything this hand has held before.

Experiencing something this human, this heart has never experienced before. 

Drinking tea. 

Awake. Alive. 

Sweetest blessings to y’all this coming week!

May your heart and mind open and welcome the Magic and miraculous today. 

May you be tender and gentle with yourself as the emotions flow like a river washing you clean for something new and yet unknown. 

As my friend Lori says  –

This is the way. 

Quick Personal note…

In five days this Montana adventure I have so thoroughly enjoyed will come to an end, for now. Everything will be packed tightly up into a small trailer, hitched to my very trustworthy car.

With the Weather Deva’s blessing, Mr. Georgia and I will drive across mountain passes the next morning toward Portland, OR to begin this rather complicated move with oh, so many moving pieces and so many helpful people to a new adventure in the Atlanta metro area where many new first sips await. 

As you can imagine my tiny cottage nest is in absolute disarray as I pack, plan, say goodbye and carry on with work. 

To add to the confusion – About ten days ago while I was traveling every day suddenly my email inbox on my laptop disappeared. 

I have called Apple. Still no fix. 

This means I no longer have the ability to see my email or answer it except on my phone which makes it very difficult to see what has blown by my awareness. As I plan, pack and sort.

Truthfully – I was already very behind in answering emails because of all the traveling I have been doing the last many months. 

If you are awaiting a reply to an email – I beg your forgiveness. 

I am not ignoring you. 

I will catch up. And, please feel free to email me again. 

 If you feel led to send a little blessing my way for the journey – I would delightly accept and deeply appreciate it.

 See you on the other side! 

A few last words…. 

In order to have a miracle, a miraculous life – we absolutely must be ready for one. We must gently and kindly open and relax our clenched hands, our hearts and our minds so there is a place for one to land.  

We must die to who we are in this moment in order to be in a state of grace and openness for the miracle we are praying for to arrive in the next.

We must be ready and willing to let whatever ideas about the way things are, should be, could be or are not – simply fall away.

Let go.


In order to HAVE a miracle we must be willing to RECEIVE a miracle… and that means being radically open to one.

And honey, I am here to tell you – miracles NEVER show up the way we think they will. Never.