How to Make the World a Better Place

How to Make the World a Better Place

In Soul by Melani Marx

Keep dancing.

Yep! You heard me right.  Dancing.

Dance with whatever is showing up right here – right now –  in this very moment.

Be it boredom or frustration.

Inspiration. Excitement.

Fear or love.

Anger or laughter.

Silliness or disappointment.

Whether you feel powerless or powerful – keep on dancing.

Here’s the thing – when you turn on the music and dance – all by yourself – when no one is watching,

You simply feel the music and the emotions it evokes within you.

You follow the sound and the rhythm. You allow yourself to be moved by it.

Whether the song is fast or slow – wild or sedate you naturally find your own right tempo and flow within it.

The music shows you the next step, the next move – but only if you ALLOW yourself to be fully swept up in the moment and go along with it.

To let the full-body experience of sound and vibration wrap you in its loving arms and SHOW you the next natural step.

When you are dancing you are in your body – the luscious, miraculous container of flesh and bone that allows your Soul to express the full gamut of emotions, and experiences a human life encompasses.

Sometimes you might take too big a step or loose the rhythm or melody for a moment or two. But if you let yourself fall back into the naturalness of the moment you quickly recover, adjust and move on.

When you dance you aren’t trying to come up with a grand plan.

You aren’t running away or pushing against anything.

You aren’t attempting to NOT feel the harmony or dissonance of the music.

You are simply moving with it. Trusting.

Being with it. Feeling it.

Unattached. Willing.




You are in the moment.


Sorrow when fully embraced and allowed to move, does just that –  it moves.

It takes us to the next step. Whatever the inner rhythm of our humanness moves us toward. Be it a walk in the park, a clean bathroom, a conversation with a friend, a nourishing meal, a creative outpouring or a nap. All in the natural rhythm and timing that is right for that moment.

None of us need to come up with a grand plan – we are already living it. Right now. In each moment that we are awake, aware and present for.

And that my friend is how we make the world a better place.

We inhabit it fully.

We allow the inner rhythm to move us.

We listen to the harmony our own heart is always playing for us – and we dance.

We twirl.

And we keep coming back to dance some more.