Lightning Strikes!

In Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

Today is a beautiful day to take a moment or ten to stop…

 and quietly connect with yourself and your deepest desires

your heartfelt prayers

your most powerful longings. 

Perhaps ask yourself – What does my heart yearn for?

Notice what gently bubbles up to the top.

Keep it simple. 

Distill it down.

Perhaps it is one single word….











Now perhaps allow yourself to sit with this word or words. 

Fell into it and how it settles in your belly. Your heart. Your hands and feet. Caresses your cheek.

Let it roll around in your being and loosen up whatever is being held under the surface of awareness. 

Unfastening and unwinding all that is between you and the fulfillment of this longing… this prayer… this Life-affirming quality you are calling into your Life, your being, your body.

Often there is some flavor of fear, defense or mis-understanding that stands inbetween us and our holiest of longings.

And, yes. Your heart’s longing are absolutely holy. 

They are your Soul/Spirit whispering to you, showing you your path of inner fulfillment. 

Sometimes fear says to us that it’s just not possible. Never going to happen. Don’t you even dare to want what you want.

Often there are pockets of submerged, even unconscious fear lingering in the body and psyche from past experiences where we were shut down and our need were not appropriately met.

Sometimes there is a subconscious and powerful payoff for NOT having what we want. 

Fear has many faces and endless rationales. 

Fear’s job is to get our attention, to keep us safe from physical harm – not to paralyze us and certainly not to limit our intrinsic capacity for Life and living.

What if….

In this moment you took a bold step toward what you desire.

And sincerely pray to Divine Beloved, Great Mother, All That Is, Creator for assistance in washing away whatever is standing in the way of your dream, your holy holiest longings.

Request a helping hand to gently let go, unravel, release…

Ask for the path to open up.

Ask to be supported. Held. Ask to for signs. 

Ask to be willing.

I am willing. 

Ask for the strength and courage to allow whatever is in the way of your holiest longings to dissolve and fall away in perfect right timing.

Allow the lightning strike of inspiration, sign, messages or events to wake you up, like thunder does and illuminate your path forward.

Place your prayer on your altar. Tuck it in your journal. Write a letter to yourself. 

And then. Really let it go. 

Trust in the outcome.

Do the very next inspired thing. Whatever that is.

Give thanks for what IS generative and supportive in your life.

Give thanks for what is coming apart to make room for what is new.

Give thanks for that left turn because it just may just be aligning you toward a truer trajectory.

Give thanks for your body, your life, your precious self.

Give thanks for your beloveds. Your home. Your bed. The food that nourishes you.

Affirm what it is you are calling into your life as you fall asleep at night.

“I am healthy. I am whole. I am filled with love.

I am creative. I pain-free. I am adventurous.

I am curious. I am safe. I am…”

Sometimes prayers are answered instantly. 

More often there is a winding road of simultaneous unraveling and opening along the way to fulfillment.

Often there is an extraordinary Divine Timing at work to bring things together in a wy you would never have imagined. 

Do the things you love.

Be tender and gentle with yourself.

Cultivate awe and wonder.

And go out and let the glorious moonlight shine on you tonight.

May your dreams and prayers be fulfilled in the most extraordinary ways.

A few last words…. 
Call on your Soul’s presence.

Ask it to fill you.

Do this out loud!

Call on it’s infinite w-holy power to wash away the shame, the terror. The rage.

The disappointment, hopelessness and sesne of powerlessness.

The bottomless pit of grief you’ve kept tucked tightly back under your heart. 

Wash it all away into the Oceanic River of Love from which you were birthed. 

Allowing it to dissolve like mist in the brightness of the noon-day sun. 

Coming home now – to the recognition of your precious Self.