Life is an adventure! Sharing some of mine…

In Celebration by Melani Marx

Hello there beautiful and amazing human!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
Welcome to this very moment.
Welcome to loving and accepting your precious self even more deeply.
Welcome to tenderly starting over when you fall off the rails. 
Welcome to each small and tiny step towards the life you are desiring and dreaming into existence. 
Welcome to me picking up the proverbial pen and reaching out once again. Yep. It’s been a while. 
I do hope this finds you very, very, VERY well – wherever you are. I think about y’all often and send my love and well wishes across the aether whenever I do.

Take a moment for you…..
Click on the image and allow the Waters to wash a way your weariness… invigorate your being.

Life, I have come to understand is always an adventure – whether I am traveling and exploring or staying relatively still in one place. I promise to share more about the adventure part and bits of what I have been pondering another time. 
For now, to put my toe back in the water, I want to share some snippets of beauty and a few titbits that capture the spirit and adventure of the past many months.

This email is long on images, mostly shortish on words – a bit of a show and tell so to speak.

Perhaps it may lighten your spirit and soothe your being.

This Spring I traveled across the country and back as Winter slowly loosened its grip on the land. And no, that is not really me, just what I felt like at times! I drove across the country and visited friends and family in the East on my way to northeast Georgia where I spent a glorious 12 days. Thw waterfall toward the top is from there.

Then I drove back.

It was a looong trip! And I am so glad I did. Not only was it good to see and experience new places, catch up with old friends and family I hadn’t seen in years –  a dear sister I visited unexpectedly passed just a month after I saw her. 

Life is so precious as is the connections we have with the other humans we share this lifestream with. I am ever more mindful to let the humans I love and value know that I do.

That’s me falling in love with the South Dakota Badlands!

The quiet was immense. The Land was beautiful.

The experience was sooooo soothing. 

And a quick fly by Mt Rushmore cause I was so close! I found the mountains there very special!

Since last November I have been nesting in a small town in a beautiful valley in western Montana. Above is a nearby lake and photos from an evening enjoying the beauty with friends.

The mountain chi has been very fortifying and strengthening for me. 

I’ve done a wee bit of exploring these last months way up in the mountains in some very, off the pavement wildish places – connecting with the spirits of the Land, Water, Sky and all things inhabiting this magnificent place that is holding me.

I truly love being completely off grid of so called “civilization”.

Things are working out for me stay in my wee nest as long as I wish to, so my plan is to do just that for now. 

This has been a time of allowing my nervous system to deeply settle. Breathe. Be.

Encouraging my entire being to slow and allow for the enormous tidal change that has been taking place in my inner landscape for the last 29 months. My focus has been very inward.

I’ve been delighted daily by small wonders and tiny miracles, including – but not pictured – hearts big and small showing up everywhere imaginable. One of the sky/cloud hearts was in a picture above. 

I’ve spent a great amount of time hanging out with Sunflower this summer. There is a veritable “forest” of them right next to my little cottage. I spent many, many quiet hours on the front porch communing with her. She is a dear ally of mine and I’ve gotten to know her even better.

One late morning I stuck my nose in a huge blossom for the first time ever – one without bees – and inhaled. Holy wow! What an amazing and startling scent she has! 
She urged me to co-create a flower essence with her. Her message was a different one in many ways than the one she shared with me last summer in Taos where I also made a flower essince with Sunflower. This particular elixir is “sunshine in a bottle for a long dark winter” she told me.

In late July I had this overriding sense of waking from a very long sleep – one I had been in for an incredibly long time. It’s as if everything was in stasis and now things could start to move forward again.

That theme has continued with inner energetic work that has supported this return to Life. I am feeling and experiencing an outward, forward movement that has been missing for a very long time. I am very curious to see how this unfolds.
This theme has been showing up in dreams, breathwork and in my visual journal as walking through doorways.  I know I have walked though a major portal that has been beckoning me forward for a very long time and it feels tremendous. Like walking into a sunlit glad from a dark forest path.

I also have a deep in the bones knowing that this is not just personal, but collective as well.

These last couple weeks as the mornings are cooler, the slant of the Sun moves ever southward and dew once again greets my bare toes when I step onto the grass.

I notice keenly that sunrise and sunset are closer together, the flowers and vegetables in the garden are finishing their season.

Summer is saying her fond farewells.

Letting go is in the air.

I’ve taken great pleasure in the beautiful garden created and tended so lovingly by the lovely owner of this place. She is a Master gardener. The young family that lives in the big house in front of my little cottage and owns it are lovely humans. I enjoy being thier neighbors.
I relish the sense of having been like the grasshopper in the children’s story – storing up the sunlight and summer magic for the winter ahead.

I am experiencing heart piercing gratitude often. 

One thing I know… There is so much powerful magic in the world.

All one has to do is spend time outside with the natural world. Listen to the birds, the wind in the trees. Feel the grass under your bare feet. Notice the other living beings that share space with you. Breath in the scents of the marvelous flowers, the grass, the water as it flows by.

This is true healing magic.

It is how we can remember who we are. How we can regulate our nervous system. How we can come into a receptive place of healing and wholing. 
And remember… You, dear one have the power to experience and be your own magic.