How to keep from throwing yourself under the bus?

How to keep from throwing yourself under the bus?

In Soul by Melani Marx

Energy is moving…

The frozen stiffness and unyielding face of Winter is giving way to the rush and swirl of melting runoff and swollen rivers. Ice is breaking up. The flow is high, mighty and gaining speed.

Energy that has been frozen, clogged, sticky, straining to break free is now moving and is taking previous restrictions along with it.

This is happening not only in the Natural world around me here in the mountains of Southern Oregon – it is happening in the world collectively.

As I feel into what is taking place – these are the words and images that keep coming to me…

“There is a vast difference between riding down the rapids in a sturdy, water-tight vessel and making your way willy-nilly in a leaky canoe with a short paddle.”

Hmmmm… Very true.

So, how do we individually and collectively keep our energy clear and high, our bodies strong, our minds quieter?

How may we keep the energy moving and support the flow within ourselves so that we are staying WITH the movement of Life and not feel like we are being run over by it?

How do we more gracefully ride the rapids of transformation and utilize these powerful energies?

As I have pondered this for myself I come back to some very basic and essential things.

Most importantly – allowing the energy within me to keep moving.

Do more of what truly supports and enlivens me and less of what doesn’t.

Stay current and present with myself so I know what and how to do the above.

Some of these are founded on very fundamental actions that get thrown under the bus when the energy starts moving more swiftly and life heats up.

Here is where I begin…

#1 Water – Good, clear, clean water.

Not only is water imperative for flushing out toxins on a physical level, we humans are energetic, electrical beings and water is the conductive river inside of us that keeps things flowing and moving. If you’ve been in any of my groups or worked with me in the past –  after a session you’ll always hear me say –  “Drink lots of water!”

I know, sometimes easier said than done. So here is what I’ve begun to do. I fill a ½ gallon glass jar every morning with filtered or spring water and by bedtime it is empty. I experience a celebration of self care when I see it empty.

I have also begun to take a moment and send my love and appreciation to this vital life-giving element without which none of us would be here in this form.

#2 Having a daily spiritual practice – the key here I’ve found is consistency. This sets the energy for my entire day. It allows me a greater capacity for whatever arrives in my experience.

Following my breath for five to ten minutes.

Then during the day I often find myself stopping. Coming back to the breath. Resting in the sensations of the body. The silence of this is a way to reset and reconnect to myself – to Source, to Life. This is a simple and reliable touchstone for me.

Dedicating myself to being used in Service by the benevolence of Life or Source Essence for the good of the Whole.

Being in and connecting to Nature, to the natural flow of the seasons and larger cycles. This helps me know my own place in the grand scheme of things and always leaves me with a greater sense of precious well-being.

These are my constants. Anything that quiets the mind and consistently connects us to something bigger than ourselves will support us in staying plumb and square – in greater alignment with ourselves and the Whole.

#3 Moving with and utilizing the energy that is present

This means…

Moving my body in a way that feels good.

Our precious bodies need to move to keep energy, lymph and circulation flowing. Movement keeps the river of our multi-layered being in motion and supports general well-being in every way. Our bones actually hold light. When we walk and move our bodies in ways that are satisfying to us this actually increases the light in our bodies.

I walk out in Nature for 30 minutes every day and at least a mile.

This gets me outside and gives me the time to move both fast and more slowly, taking in the beauty and magnificence of the shifting landscape. I take my camera along and often take photos – this is a walking meditation for me. I marvel at the bird song, the shifting flow of the creek. I listen to the trees waking up.

Keeping my creative energies flowing in ways I enjoy.

Creative energies want to be used. They are always flowing and will find an outlet no matter what. If we don’t find a way to channel them in a positive manner they can create undesirable mischief.

I journal, write, make delicious meals, garden, arrange flowers, sing, dance, play with felt, play with art supplies. Using that delicious creative energy in ways that bring me satisfaction and joy.

Utilizing our creative energies in a way that feels supportive and uplifting often gets pushed aside when energy gets heightened. This is when it is more important than ever. Because it firmly roots us in the pleasure of being alive. And this is what buoys us up to continue showing up fully.

Encouraging and allowing my emotions to inform me and flow.

I support myself to feel my emotions and help them to keep on moving. This is part of my practice of unconditional self love and acceptance.

I give myself full permission to feel whatever I am feeling and to not judge whatever is arising.

Stream of consciousness journaling is a great way to have a conversation with myself. It helps me to understand what is taking place under the surface. To get current with what I AM feeling and anything that may have gotten set aside during the day. It gets everything out of my head and onto paper. It is often surprising. It is always informative.

#4 Being mindful of what I am consuming

This is not just about food. We are vibrational beings. The higher our vibration the less lower vibrational elements will have their way with us. This means we are better able to hold a strong, clear center and feel empowered to respond to Life more authentically.

Here are some of the questions I ask myself and pay attention to…

What and who leaves me feeling depleted? Tired? Confused? Drained? Contracted? Fuzzy?

What activities, things and people leave me feeling empowered? Uplifted? More optimistic? Open? Expansive? Alive?

Some things I’ve had to look at – TV shows, novels, emails, people, social media, activities – especially as I wake and as I prepare for bed.

More than ten minutes on Facebook drains me these days.

Sending a brief letter, making a phone call to the president or a congressperson leaves me feeling empowered and energized.

I do my best to hang out with people that support me in being the very best version of me. That see me as wonderful, loving, wise… and human.

I am not saying I turn away from conflict or difficulty – they are vital for growth. I am saying I choose what and how I connect…and why!

Is it from a place of anxiousness and fear?

Or out of open curiosity? A desire to understand so that I may contribute? Listen? Each of has our own ways of doing that – I endeavor to honor mine and other’s.

Paying attention to the food I fuel my body with.

Not that long ago I started to realized that I needed to increase the light I was receiving from the food I was consuming. So I pay attention to that. It actually made it easier to choose better. I endeavor to choose food that is nourishing. Delicious. Beautiful. Deeply satisfying.

#5 Getting and staying grounded.

All the energy, emotion and electrical charge moving through each of us continuously has to have somewhere to move to. Energy and emotion are always desiring to move – that is simply its nature.

Emotion is an electrochemical event. It is real and it needs to keep in motion or it begins to create static, noise and clog up the works – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When we are not grounded then we get tend to get anxious. Up in our heads. This is when our minds often start running future scenarios of disaster. Because there is nowhere for the emotion/ energy to go it begins to ping around inside us like an out of control pinball machine.

We are created to have a continuous flow of energy moving in from the top of our crown and down through our body, then flowing into the Earth discharging energy and keeping things moving – as well as a flow running the opposite way that is supportive and nourishing.

Ancient Chinese wisdom says we are the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Being deeply grounded, present and in your body is the foundation for everything.

It is worth learning a simple daily practice to help with this. There are many.

Our own energy is the biggest single contribution we give to the world and it is inevitably intertwined with every single thing we are and permeates every single act that originates with us.

Because everything IS energy.

When one views the world through the lens that EVERYTHING is energy – science has shown us it is –  and we include the understanding that the ­key to greater health and coherence on every level is to increase the quality of vibration, this can allow us to step back and look at things a bit less personally. Gain greater clarity and perspective. Remain centered vs. being pulled into the maelstrom.

Your own energy – that which you hold and share with others – no matter what you are actually doing is the biggest contribution you have to give to the collective. It is well worth nurturing and stewarding – for the benefit of us all.

“There is a vast difference between riding down the rapids in a sturdy, water-tight vessel and making your way willy-nilly in a leaky canoe with a short paddle.”

Here’s to your own powerful and heroic journey dear one. May it be sitting amidst a powerful and sturdy vessel of your own crafting and may it be a blessing to you and all you encounter along the way.