June 30, 2018 Full Moon Resonance Session

In Spirit by Melani Marx

I made you a gift – holding powerful intentions and infinite blessings.

A little bite of awesome.  A small yet powerful morsel of magic.

Helping you to find your own internal place of peace and resonance – that external factors cannot shatter.

Aligning you to the current multi-dimensional energies of Heaven and Earth.

Supporting you to move in your own innate rhythm and flow.

It’s just under five minutes long.

Listen once or listen often.

Share it freely.

Love these energy session?

Imagine one created just for you. One that will help you remain in a position of witness for yourself and others when the craziness of the outside world begins to bombard you. Anchoring you into your heart in a very assured, secure and tethered way.

Calling back fragments of Self.

Calling all of you back home to your heart.

I have 1 more spot open for July and 1 in August. Contact me and let’s set up a conversation to explore your return.

Listen to the Audio only version: June 30, 2018 – Full Moon Resonance Session

Video version is below:


“The Soul shows us where our truest unfolding is by what feels delicious. Exciting. Open. Free. Expansive. Joyful.

It will never lead you down a dark tight corner without the promise of sunlight at the other end. EVER!”