I’ve never Seen Anything Like This

In Courage, Soul by Melani Marx

Hello beautiful and amazing human,

Happiest Full Moon Blessings!

One of the things that always comforts me and brings a greater sense of unity to my being is knowing that we all share the same Moon. Perhaps take a few moments to step outside and bask in her radiance this evening.

The shifts and changes taking place on planet Earth and in the very depths of the humans co-habiting with her, as well as the structures that we have constructed to hold us have quickened and deepened in the last couple weeks.

False constructs, limiting paradigms and life negating parasitic energies are being deconstructed and illuminated in every layer of reality.

I have never “seen” anything like it.

The frequency increase has us oscillating at such a fast rate energetically that it is bringing up all those “things” that have inhibited our truest expression of Life in its most individually aligned form.

I chuckle as I write this. This is no small thing.

Deep transformative energies are afoot.

Every human I know is responding to this in different ways with one commonality – there is a deep purge of poison that has been held in every fiber of being for lifetimes. An alchemizing the poison into medicine.

Some are experiencing physical purges, the seeming resurgence of old physical issues as the deeper underlying patterns holding them in place are released, brought into awareness and transformed.

Some are thick in old patterns lifetimes in the making – working through them on nuanced levels as they unwind.

Some are having inner revolutions as they question what has always been so and the way they have lived their lives – how all humans in memory have lived their lives.

Some are experiencing catalytic events and a breaking away from old paradigm ways of being.

Institutions, other humans, organizations, old patterns of abuse and trauma that compromise inner sovereignty and seek to control and sublimate our authentic inner expression ­– the outworn and constricting crystalized ties to these are being loosened and slipped.

There is a subtle yet powerful collective turning away from fear – which is used collectively to control – toward inner peace, freedom and love.

A personal shift from looking outward to gauge what is appropriate and true, to determine who we are and how we are supposed to live to an inner foundational stance that drops inside to determine what is the next step.

What is aligned.

What will support inner sovereignty.

What will allow the birthright of inner joy and full creative expression to sing forth.

This shift we are in the midst of takes courage.

It is nothing short of revolutionary ­– this uncoupling from archaic structures that are no longer life-affirming wether inside or out.

It is no small thing to question all the assumptions a Life has been built upon. Especially when you consider that the vast majority of what drives each human and runs them is unconscious (NOT in our own awareness) – patterns, conditioned responses, trauma responses passed down through generations that repeatedly express until interrupted.

Often the interruption shows up as a catalytic event that stops us in our tracks. Shatters our illusions. Unwraps with ripping, wild hands the inner luminosity that we are and ignites a fire that is out Soul and Spirit calling us to more.

More of who we truly are. More self-responsibility. More authentic expression. More room to be ourselves and contribute the magnificent gifts we have kept hidden deep, tucked away just for such a time.

And. That time is now, my friend.

I have come to understand in my blood, bone and in my very viscera that there is an exquisite Divine Timing in all of this. That at the very nano second that the Earth, the humans, the frequencies can hold it something inside us ignites, and begins to light us up inside. Begins to unfurl ever more of our magnificence.

Feel the truth of these words and the beauty and power within in you respond.

This is what we are doing here.

We were made for this.

Transformation is messy. It is disruptive. We cannot clearly see the road ahead. It can often be hard and deeply challenging.

It is our own personal hero’s or heroine’s journey.

It is baked into our biology to resist. To argue. To cling to what is familiar and what we know.

Transformation activates old patterns from our earliest experiences and youngest aspects – those that began in utero and with our birth into this planet of forgetting.

This is reactivation, I have come to see is a gift!

It is the doorway to the potent possibility of freedom in its most personal and profound expression.

These patterns are coming up for healing. To be loved. Accepted. Welcomed. Brought into conscious awareness.

Acknowledged with the compassionate understanding that they kept us alive! They got us here.


Perhaps, maybe we no longer have the need to carry them forward as the lens we view the world though.


These patterns are not meant to be violently ripped away.

They are not to be burned off like a wart or irradicated within the old dualistic paradigm of good and bad.

The voice that says some aspect of us is wrong or bad, shameful or defective is – as my friend Mary says – is a voice straight from the pit of hell.

This voice is not even human, it is not loving, it is not Divine.

It is the very opposite of Truth.

This voice is a voice of enslavement.

We are – each and every one of us children of the Divine. 
The Essence of ALL literally runs through the center of our very being. 
Each of us is in the process of unwrapping our innate gifts. Our magnificence. 
Each of us is in the process of sorting through the inner landscape our unconscious so brilliantly projects out into the world so we can heal. 
Each human we observe running amok is imprisoned by their own internal version of hell. 
And we have all been there. 
Having compassion, kindness and love for ALL aspects of self within us allows us to soften our judgments of others. 
Each of us that are consciously saying yes to the inner alchemy that is possible is supporting all the other humans to surrender to the quickening that is taking place here and now. 
We all have a vital part to play.
This is a deeply exciting time.