It Doesn’t Make You Bad

It Doesn’t Make You Bad

In Celebration, Soul by Melani Marx

It’s OK to be human.

To feel sad. Scared. Angry. To feel uncertain. Paralyzed. Tired. Jittery. Antsy. This is all part of life.

It doesn’t make you bad, wrong or un-wholy. No matter what anyone has told you. It simply makes you human – just like the seven billion–some–other humans on the planet.

Being human means that in one moment I can feel great sadness… And in the next be utterly overcome and uplifted by the beauty and presence of a tree.  Or a child’s smile.  Or the simple shadow of my own hand on the wall.

Being human does not mean that I am OK only when I feel OK.

It means I am always OK. Just as I am. Right now.

This minute.

Nothing to fix. Nothing to change. Nothing to do “about” any of it.

Just be.

Being human means to love myself as best as I am able in every single moment.

To listen attentively as possible to what is here. To who I am.

To who you are.

To feel the churning in my gut and notice it. To let it settle before I act. Before I speak. Before I turn  away – from myself. From you.

Being human means to let myself dance or shake, sing or groan, cry or laugh – out loud. To give myself full permission to feel what I feel and be all that I am –  in any given moment.

To welcome, welcome, welcome all of me. To give myself space and freedom to be all of it. To let it flow. To let it move me.

To be fully human. Fully alive. Fully embodied.

Thank God I get to be human.

And so do you.