In the Spirit of Celebration

In Celebration, Spirit by Melani Marx

What if today you simply celebrate all that you are. All that you have. All that you see?

What if this year you choose to begin with an epic and utter sense of starting fresh?

What if you leave behind any feelings, stories or beliefs that create a sense or feeling inside your precious being of “less-than” or “not enough” – about ANYTHING!?

What if you take a beautiful deep breath, like the delicious elixir of life that it is? And the next one? And the next one? And just keep going!

What if you see with crystal clarity the beauty, magic and wonder that every bit of this life actually is? The infinite and amazing details that synchronistically connect EVERYTHING and allow it to work and unfold and be alive with Life itself.

What if you open your heart and allow all the Love to enter and make its home within your body, your mind, your spirit, your home and work?

What if you decided to step out in faith and show up in all your amazing glory? To share who you are with every person you meet? No holding back. Letting your natural enthusiasm be the wave you ride out into the world.

What if you decided to love yourself unconditionally – JUST AS YOU ARE? Nothing to fix or change.

What if you firmly choose to believe that the Universe is a beneficent and benevolent place? That every-single-crazy-thing that happens to you is simply taking you to the destination you have always wanted to arrive at – the sacred, precious, holy place you never speak of? That it is ALL answering your most heart felt prayers and all you have to do is turn your head, ask for new vision and open your eyes to see that?

What if you begin to come up with your own “What if…”s?

Your own door opening, life altering, affirmative, celebratory “What if…”s?

What if each of us did this every day? What if we compiled an infinite list of glorious “What if…”s and shared them with each other?

Imagine the doors that would open. The walls that would come down. The lives we would live. The world we will create.

What if we started right now?

Oh, let’s!

Please share them with me, with all of us… You can leave them in the comments below.

Wishing you a New Year of infinite and blessed possibilities… and miraculous, magical wonderings!

In love and joy and more love,