Ignite Your Regenerative and Creative Energies

In Celebration, Spirit by Melani Marx

Hello beautiful and beneficial one!

I want to take a moment and share my heartfelt appreciation, recognition and regard for you. 

Thank you. Thank you for being who you are – for ALL that you are and all that you do. 

Every, single day you make a beneficial difference in the world. On the planet. In the Cosmos. In your communities. In your families. In your own lives.

Simply by being who you are. By being ALL of you.  By being in turn – all of your beautifulness, all of your warts, all of your strong and competent selves, your young and tender parts, your exquisite humanness and humanity, and all of your foibles. Every. Single. One.

Simply by showing up every day and bringing yourself to the party – no matter WHAT that party looks like or feels like in any given moment – you make a difference. 

Simply by endeavoring to be your truest, most authentic and honest self, by feeling your feelings and letting them take you to the next step.  

By singing and expressing your intrinsic soul song – in all the ways that only you do – by sharing your own gifts, talents and creative magic you add to the Cosmic Chorus. You support every single one of us. You add immeasurably to the Whole.

Like a small pebble dropped into a still pond – what you do matters.

 You make a difference. Don’t ever believe otherwise.

You sooooo, so matter. 

So, I made you a gift. Yep. You.

While I was in the Mohave desert I was inspired to create something to help you ignite the fire of your Regenerative and Creative energies. I did it outside and I have to say it’s kick-ass!

These potent energies are the zest, the sparkle, the effervescence that when expressed through each of us create magic, solutions, beauty, awesomeness as well as a deep contribution to humanity and to the Whole.

These are the energies that heal, create coherence and bring things into a new and appropriate order. They bring us into a deeper recognition of our own Wholeness and our contribution to the Whole.

Sounds delicious, right?

Ready to light that fire???

Me too!

That ignition is just a bit farther down the page.

Quick journey update…

So far it’s been an enormous  adventure – this nomad life, listening to the call of Spirit and answering it. Stretching, shifting and morphing into something new, fresh and also a bit wilder.

I spent the last two weeks in the desert about 20 minutes outside of Joshua Tree, solitary. Singing and walking the desert. Communing with the stars and planets.

Watching sunrise and sunset. Meeting and communing with the flora and fauna. Experiencing BIG winds and intense flash-flood rain storms. 

Writing. Sitting in Silence. Journeying. Facilitating client and group transformation. Doing my own deep inner work as well as doing work for the Whole as led. 

In other words stepping ever more fully into my own One True Spot in the Cosmos.

It’s been a very rich and full time. 

And…. as you read this I will have winged my way over vast oceans to New Zealand!!! First stop Piha on the Tasman Sea. 

I will be sharing often on social media.

If you want to come along and see the things I am – please join me on Instagram or my personal Facebook page. 

OK… let’s go ignite that creative and regenerative Fire! 

Resonance Energy Session 
Igniting the Regenerative and Creative Fire Within

This Energy Session is powerful, deep and restorative Soul Medicine for our times.

Allowing you to remember and align to the truth and power that is INSIDE you.

Spark your Divine Inspiration.

Open the flow to your inherent energies of healing, wholeness and creativity. 

Unravel the bonds of limited expression of your precious Vital Life Force.

Align you more coherently in yourself.

Stand more firmly in your Soul’s clear Light and Knowing.

It’s about six minutes long.

Recorded in the magnificent desert outside Joshua Tree California.

Listen as often as you wish – the affect is cumulative. There is no expiration date. 

Please – Share it freely.

Audio Only:

Resonance Energy Session for Igniting the Regenerative and Creative Fire Within– February 2019

Watch the Video Version below:

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