I was terrified to show up…

In Courage by Melani Marx

Hello lovely and amazing human!

Have ever heard the saying “Bright and Shiny people love to be around and support other Bright and Shiny people?” 

It’s true! 

Here’s what else I realized through experience. 

Those that are not Bright and Shiny humans or are not feeling all that Bright and Shiny for whatever reason. Perhaps those that aren’t sharing their love, beauty and brilliance with the world. Those that feel deeply “less than”  will often feel threatened by your Bright and Shininess. 

Your Bright and Shininess may unfortunately cause them them feel even more “less than”, small or not enough.  

I grew up bright and shiny. I believe all of us do.

I was naturally curious and enthusiastic about everything. I lived in my imagination and spent as much time outside and in water as I could. I loved to run and sing and twirl. 

I talked a LOT. Imagine that!? And I loved to share all the things that I was learning with anyone who would listen.

Unfortunately over time I learned to hide my Bright and Shininess to make those around me feel more comfortable.  

I dimmed my Light and pulled in my enthusiasm. 

I learned when and where it was safe to show up a smidge and where it wasn’t. 

I didn’t know it at the time but this was a brilliant survival tool on my part. 

My intrinsic happiness threatened the unhappy adults with unexpressed wounds tending me. It activated grief about those parts of theirs that were Bright and Shinny that got left behind long ago. 

Fast forward to being an adult and wanting to reclaim all parts of myself. Wanting to have full expression and do that things I know I came here to do. 

And. I was afraid to show up and share myself, my gifts and talents unabashedly with the world. 

I was honestly terrified to be my most quirky and far “outside the box” self. 

You see, I’d learned through early experiences to push all that bright and shiny me-ness down deep. To tuck it away. To bury it deeply. To feel embarrassed, afraid, uneasy and sometimes downright ashamed of the parts of me that the adults, society, institutions found threatening, activating, uncontrollable and unacceptable.

The passion. The playfulness. The wildishness. 

The open-hearted curiosity and wonder. 

The deep curiosity that always had me questioning everything.

The part of me that was a natural storyteller and teacher. 

The part that was genuinely filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

The wildly creative, artistic and expressive parts of me.

The aspects that saw, discerned and spoke truth.

Aspects that felt powerful, fully alive, sensual and sexual. 

I bet you can relate.

Sooo many joyous, miraculous and free parts of ourselves get lost along the way to becoming adults, including the full expression of our Divine Nature and our intrinsic Bright and Shininess.

These aspect that we were taught were unacceptable have become part of our unexpressed self also known as our Shadow.

As we gain some years and maturity we start the long process of reclaiming these precious aspects that hold our inner gold.

We start to extend welcome, compassion and acceptance to the youngest parts of ourselves that were wounded, abandoned, left behind. We begin to tend to them, integrate and find deeper understanding.

We start unwinding and releasing the learned or inherited beliefs, patterns and programs of society, family and culture that limit our truest and freest expressions of Self.

All of this is vital to this holy Whole-ing thing.

To full authentic humaning.

To owning the inner freedom and authority to shine our Shininess and Brightness.

To calling back ALL of ourselves.

To generously sharing our intrinsic gifts, talents and learned wisdom.

This has been my own heroine’s journey.

This is also the journey I lovingly support other humans to traverse.

There are two foundational things I facilitate and share with others. These both strongly support those that have a burning desire to show up fully and shine in all their intrinsic bright and shiny brilliance. 

Those that want to express their incarnational purpose as fully as possible in this lifetime. 

One is something I have been facilitating for about ten years now and it has become the understructure of my practice for working with clients.

Every human that has done this series has come out the other side truly transformed and more of who they authentically are.  This work, still after all these years, impresses and amazes me with its efficacy.

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The other is a class I will be joyfully teaching in less than two weeks.

It is the class I have come to affectionately call essential practices for successful humaning.

In this class I share the foundational practices I use every day to maintain my own bright and shiny nature.  

I invite you to join me. 

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With love and joy from my Bright and Shiny self to yours…

Shine on, amazing human!!!

A song just for you and your beautiful Bright and Shiny self!!