I Dare You

In Courage by Melani Marx

Hey there amazing human!
Want to play with me?

Stop for a moment and take in a nice easy breath. 
Now, say this to yourself three times. Preferably out loud.
Cuz voice = frequency/ light/ sound/ vibration and all that cool jazz. 
Really. I dare you. Out loud.
No matter what you think. Feel. Believe.
Just say these three sentences to yourself out loud. 
I love my Life. I love my body. I love myself.
That’s right….
I love my Life. I love my body. I love myself.
I love my Life. I love my body. I love myself.
What did you notice? 

If it brought up emotion – sad, mad, happy or something else – hallelujah! That is stupendous!  Let it move!!! Better out than in.

Give a little full body shake to help it fly. Make some noise. 
If your mind responded with disdain, cynicism, ridicule. Great!

Pay attention! That voice is not your soul, your spirit, your beautiful Self speaking. Because anything that is anti-Life. Anti-enthusiasm. Anti-health, anti-self love or anti-well being … see where I’m going with this?

Well, as my friend Mary says –  that voice tells “lies from the pit of hell.”
Because who truly DOESN’T want more enthusiasm, love, joy, well-being in their lives? 
If your mind starts to show you all the things you don’t love about your life. Your body. Yourself.
Remember – that lying hell-pit voice.
And. Good to notice.
Step back like you’re watching a movie. 
This is the time to number one – bring in more Love, Compassion and Kindness toward your miraculous self. 
Then. Take some low belly breaths. 
Drop out of the mind and into the body. 
Place your hand on your heart and say it again slowly 
I love my Life. I love my body. I love myself.
Maybe you’ll feel your cells dance. Perk up. Sing. Let go. Relax. 
Maybe not.

If you’ve hung around me awhile you know – I am not a “love and light” cures all kind of person. I do not believe we can simply magic things away with our words or our thoughts.

I am more a more life and transformation are messy, pain is inevitable, emotions of all kinds are welcome and joy can be found anywhere kind of human. 
You are a powerful creator. Not in the I want a red Lamborghini way – in the what I tell myself about myself MATTERS!

Remember Emoto,    #wearewater! 
I recently had a long conversation with a beautiful and wise human who happens to be a fifty year Dowser – as in Water Witcher.
I was quite struck by the simplicity of how he works. This person is a deep thinker. Has had extraordinary experiences. And. He keeps things very simple.
I realized that perhaps everything does not have to be so complicated. 
His parting words to me were keep saying…
I love my body. I love my life. 
I instantly added, I love myself. 
So I have been saying that to myself as a new mantra. Maybe you’d like to make it yours too?
In doing this I have spontaneously and genuinely thanked my mother for birthing me. For imperfectly mothering me. For being exactly who she was.
I have spontaneously and genuinely started thanking the parts of my body that have been under strain and distress – without any hint of wanting to change them. Sounds suspiciously like unconditionality! 

But – enough about me. 
This does not need to be complicated. It’s simple. 
I love my life. I love my body. I love myself. 
At some level there is truth in this. For every one of us. 
I know it’s simplistic to believe that gratitude opens the door to everything we want. 
And. It’s true. I have experienced it over and over and over again. 
Especially when I was feeling ANYTHING but grateful for the circumstances of my life. 
Being kind and loving toward ourselves matters. 
We all know this. We just forget. 
And sometimes it’s not easy. It takes enormous courage to do the kind and loving thing for ourselves. Sometimes it means everything comes apart to make way for something new. 
Simple does not always equal easy. 
Simple however CAN be the purifying factor that changes everything. 
Why not give it a whirl?

Speaking of simple – I was feeling very out of sorts this past Saturday morning. I felt like I was simultaneously jumping out of my skin, stuffed full, distracted, stretched out, emotionally wonky. 
I felt complicated. Kind of like a bag of wild cats was running around inside my energy structure!  Definitely not my usual self.
So I got quiet, remembered my awareness of heightened energies in the world and discerned what was going on. I looked inside my tool bag, pulled out a few and went to work. 
I quickly felt like a new woman! 
And then I thought, with all the heightened energy floating around in the world, with all the transformation overload folks are experiencing I bet others would love this! And – I went on with my day.
Well, the inspiration fairy tapped me on the shoulder again, as she does. 
I wrote what she whispered then called a friend, read it to her and said – “Do you want to be my Guinea pig?” She affirmed that indeed she did! 
So off we went…
Jettisoning the junk, cleaning out the caca, dumping the debris, clearing the cobwebs and finishing with an energetic fluff and fold, leaving her with a stronger, more vibrant and clearer energetic structure. 
It was fun, fast and highly effective. 
Here is what she said… 
 “That was so fun! I feel terrific! It’s like all the free-floating debris that almost felt smoky, cloudy or granulated is gone! Like it’s been vacuumed out and everything is running smoothly now. I feel refreshed! Like sunshine.”

You want to dump the debris too? 
I have 8 spots available in December. 
You can sign up here.
What may be released – 
Anything ready to let go. What is old, outworn, not in present time. 
What is just under the surface and needs some support to move on out. 
Old emotional energy stuffed away. 
Beliefs, thought forms, programs. 
Perhaps what did not originate with you. 
This is a way to clear and clean out energetic backlog inside and outside. 
May result in greater clarity, ease and flow – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 
This is a session with one simple purpose. 
It is NOT a full-on energy session where you bring an intention and we deep dive what is going on, uncover cause, transformational assistance session.
This is a simple –  clear the free floating crap out and strengthen things up – kind of session. 
A great way to go into the holidays or end the year. 
There are 8 spots available in December. 
We connect via phone or Zoom for international clients.
$125 exchange 
20 – 25 minutes.

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