How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want

In Courage, Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

In order to have what you want you must to be willing to grow beyond who you are in this moment.

You must grow beyond your ideas about who you are, the stories that have shaped you – your tired and worn out beliefs in limitation, not enough and lack.

You must be willing to set aside every single one of the fixed ideas you have about the way the world works.

How it should be.

Could be.

How you were told it is and even how you’d rather it was.

You need to be willing to stop blaming someone else for doing you wrong –  for harming you, for messing with you, from getting in your way or taking something from you.

In other words… you have to be willing to give up the known comfort of being a victim.

To circumstance.

To your astrology.

To another.

To the government.

To your family, lover, friends.

And most especially to yourself.

You must be willing to give up any idea that you are or ever have been forced into constrictive patterns or behaviours that are framed by another’s beliefs, limitations or projections… about you, the world or about life itself.

This is the addiction that must be released. With love. With gentleness and with fierceness. For yourself. Your children. The planet.

You must be willing to believe in the deepest marrow of your bones, in the sparking synapses of your brain that what you choose – what you do and what you are willing to be matters.

Every choice. Every moment. Every. Single. One.

You have the power to choose.

You must be willing to soften the edges of belief, limitation, possibility and stance in order to allow something new, something fresh, something truer, some-thing whole, holy and radiantly alive to inhabit your being.

You must be willing to let go. To grow.

You don’t have to know how….

You only have to be willing.

Ocean wide and bone deep willing. Truly, deeply willing.

“I am willing to grow.

I am willing to sprout.

I am willing to allow the soul of my being to have its way with me.”

Willingness opens a crack in the door for the flood of infinite possibility to water and nourish the soil of your beautiful, holy being.

Then listen carefully to the still small voice within. Make the left turn rather than the habitual right. Try something different.

Surrender faster.

Tell the truth quicker.

Love yourself more. Love “them” more.

Love your patterns. Love your pain.

Be willing to grow. Make room for what you want.