Holy Longing

Holy Longing

In Soul, Spirit by Melani Marx

You think what you do must be brilliant. Ordinary is just fine. Every-day is good.

There is nothing to strive for. No “where” to arrive to.

This moment is everything.

Let yourself sink into the depths of your being – the Love that you are.

Let quiet Mercy enfold you.

Let yourself rest in that today, dear one.

Allow tears of relief – of letting go – of softening into Now – fall from your eyes, tracing cleansing rivers across your beautiful cheeks.

Allow yourself to Rest.

Allow yourself to simply be held – calling on the God of your heart – in the arms of Love. In this moment. In this Now.

Allowing thoughts, concerns, worries to drain from your mind – dissipating into emptiness.

Only Breath

And Silence.

Welcoming the unnamed and holy longing you feel coiled in your belly like a sleeping snake.

Waiting. Resting. JUst under the surface of awareness.

Sitting with longing.

Bearing it. Opening to it. Welcoming it.

Longing for your own deeper, deepest fulfillment.

Allowing the longing to show you its magnificent length and breadth.

This longing that pulls you along the path of your perfect and luminous unfolding. Opening you.

Longing for love. Longing for support. Longing for companionship. For understanding.

Longing. Just longing.

Opening to this bone deep ache at the center of your being, dear one. Ancient need.

Melting into it. Merging.

Allies circling around. The sound of wings rustling as Love surrounds me. Holds me. Is me.

Opening my eyes – the clear dull grey of  winter sky,  bare oak branches tracing arcs and swirls across vast expanse beckons me into the day. Into cold morning air.

Into this moment.

Into Life.