Have Faith

Have Faith

In Soul by Melani Marx

“Right now things are moving very fast. What took years – decades – even multiple lifetimes to shift is now happening in the blink of an eye so-to-speak. This is such a fertile time and it can leave you a bit out of sorts, even beside yourself as so much shifts so rapidly inside – and out.

It is so important right now to take time every day – several times a day – to just stop. Come into the moment. Breathe into your belly. Connect to your Soul’s knowing and it’s beautiful and perfect unfolding that it holds for you – call it in with your words and your intent. This is one of the most valuable things you can do at this time. Consciously connect to your Soul and it’s wisdom. Call in the pattern it holds for you – the one that has already unfolded  – that you are living into.

We are so very glad you are here in this way, this form – in this moment. We love being a part of your co-creation and the glorious unfolding in your lives. This is such a momentous time in history. The transformative/alchemical process going on, on the planet which each of you are experiencing is so vast and deep. Like nothing seen before in this particular solar system. And each of you is a part of this has a glorious part to play. That part is simply to allow yourself to unfold into your magnificence – your joy – in love.

Call on the unseen that are here to support you. Consciously connect to the Heart of the Earth. To the Heart of the Cosmos. Let their infinite support, sustenance, love and energy dance within you and support you and your unfolding. Do this every day.

Drop into your own precious heart that is connected to All That Is.

Slow down and consciously come back to yourself –– the core of you. Go outside. Connect with with the natural world. Observe the riotous way that Nature creates –  blossoms and blooms.  Observe the ease with which Nature let’s go.  Allows that which is no longer of use to be released.

You too are part of Nature – even if you have forgotten this. There IS no struggle or push, no fear or worry in Nature. It does not peer ahead to be certain it is safe. So too you can come back to this Natural flow that is the most fundamental part of your humanness and  the marriage of your Spirit.

Even – especially – in the midst of busy-ness when fear and worry are present that is the time to stop. To sit with us. Go outside. Be with the trees, the water, the ever changing sky. Notice the moon as it grows and then diminishes. Ask to settle into your own natural rhythm. Notice your intrinsic belonging. Allow this to bring you back to this moment. Make a practice of this.

Feel your feet upon the Earth and the sheltering sky of the Cosmos above you.

And we implore you – Be ever so gentle with yourself. This is a time of great releasing. Those things that you are being asked to let go of are not you. You have simply outgrown them. They belong to another season. Let them fall away. New birth is just underneath waiting to emerge and flourish. Allow what is falling away be the compost for the next turning.

Have faith.

Like the seeds that sprout and the buds that burst into leaf come spring – new life is on its way for the new version of you that is emerging. Is has its own wisdom, its own new rhythm, its own wise intelligence as does Nature.

Keep coming back to love – to the love that you are – to the love that you have for those on this Earth-walk with you. Express gratitude for what you have. What is supporting you – what is dear to you. Keep coming back to your heart dear one. Keep coming back to love.

Come back to your heart and your body’s expressive wisdom.  Let it guide you – not the wild mind storms that come and go just like a squall that appears out of nowhere, in the midst of the ocean then is gone again. The waters calm. The sun comes out. Everything’s changed. Once again. Consciously affirm and connect to the upward spiral that you are on. We assure you, there is a Natural rhythm and infinite intelligence at play in ALL of this – your unfolding included, dear one.

Your mind can only tell you anything based on what has already happened. Its only reference is based on what is behind you! Turn and face the future, dear one. It is NOT the same terrain.

Don’t assume you know how anything will unfold. Be open to the magic afoot! The guidance and support always available in each moment if you stop, get quiet and ask for it. Call on support. Call on us. Call on the beings that work with you. The angels and guides, Call on your Soul’s knowing. Ask for support, for guidance then be sure to open and receive it. Allow the NEW pattern to play out – to guide you.

Every step you take, every action that is in concert with your Soul’s knowing –  that brings your joy, that allows your body to relax. Every action you choose with love, with fierce courage for what you long to live.  Every bit of delight and play.  Moving toward what you Naturally want to be doing –  Every one of these actions will be met by even more doors opening.  More support. More synchronicities. More joy. More delight. More of what you really want.

This is how it works.  Simply listen to your inner knowing. Your Soul’s wisdom whispering. This will take you to the next step. And the next. And the next. Until you find yourself in more ease, more flow. More joy  and inner harmony – regardless of the circumstances.

Become deeply compassionate with yourself. Be kind. Be patient. Be gentle. Be loving.

We love you so. We are here for you.
Remember whatever you long for is already inside of you.
Whatever you can dream can become reality. The only thing required is that whatever is inside that is not aligned to that needs to fall away.

That is the ever-unfolding process you are in the midst of now, dear one. Yes you are! And so beautiful to behold.”


A message of wisdom, love and hope from the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers as expressed through my pen one November afternoon. I was inspired to share this with you today. It is something I come back to often.