Freakin’ Fairy Wings and the Voice of God…

In Courage by Melani Marx

Hello Amazing Human and welcome to 2023!
Years ago when I was living in the Siskiyou mountains in Oregon I went with a friend to a lake just outside of Mt Shasta. It was very close to the place I had been “blown open” my thirtieth year at a two week Summer camp. 
That was when I began to “see” phenomena regularly. It was a bit like being on an acid trip 24/7 though I was definitely not high or doing drugs. Spirit animals appeared in the shower regularly and spoke to me. The constellations told me their stories. I would be driving down a quiet hwy and a movie would begin to appear of a “past life” – tho at that time I didn’t really quite believe in past lives. 
Skills I did not know I had began to surface. My inner path and spiritual development was interwoven in everything I did. 
My life was irrevocably changed. 
This went on for some years as I was raising very, very tiny humans as a single woman. 
Circumstances, Life, Destiny, landed me in a very dangerous relationship. One that if I had not had these abilities to “see” and know I might not have come out the other side of. I am deeply grateful for those that supported me through that time and for the incredibly powerful teachings I received because of it. 
On the other side of that relationship I did everything in my power to shut things down and dampen them psychicly. I turned away from my gifts. Denied that rich and intrinsic aspect in myriad ways. 
I endeavored to be more “normal.” 
I worked hard. I did my best to be a good enough mother and daughter. A good enough provider. I studied many esoteric things, honed my skills – tho I never saw it that way at the time. Still “seeking” but keeping a lid on. 
Then the “voice of God” pushed me to “leave home” and move to Ashland, OR from the watery islands of the PNW. I never wanted to live in Ashland by the way. 
Magic unfolded, everything fell into place and I easily moved to the mountains of So Oregon. Two of my children came with me. 
Even though I was close to Shasta geographically and had loved my time there, I had avoided that place as though it had some kind of powerful magic in it’s very soil that would unravel me – once again. 

Nope. No way. Not going there. 

After I’d lived in Ashland a few years a new friend said “Do you want to go to Shasta and go for a walk with me and my dog?”
I found courage and said, “Yes.”
At that time I had come to a juncture in my life where I’d shut down my business of twenty years and was in the last stage of the inner dissolving of the life I’d lived this far. 
I was still working at looking “normal”. 
A coach I was connected to told me that who was really calling me to work with them were people open to Feng Shiu ( which I had studied for ten years), energy work (even longer), etc – not personal or business coaching. 
I replied that I lived in a town where people wore freak’n fairy wings to work, (true story, a cashier at the co-op). That there were more woo-woo humans floating around dressed like goddesses and fairytale characters than not and I had absolutely NO interest in being/looking like one of them! Uhhh uhh! 
This was my state of mind when I said “yes” to that walk. 
When we got to the lake my friend and her dog went straight for the water. As it was October and chilly I went wandering along a path feeling the energy of the place, thinking about my time there a couple decades prior and my resistance to showing up and sharing what obviously were gifts and talents I was bestowed with, at this juncture in time. 
The fear that kept me under the radar. Hiding.
I thought about my fear all those years ago in my twenties when I was afraid to say “The Divine Plan for my Life manifests now!” How I thought about it for so many months because I knew what would happen. Then I finally said it aloud and watched my whole life come spectacularly apart – only to reform in amazing and beautiful ways I could never have imagined. 
Or when I was in my thirties and I felt both a strong pull and an equally strong reluctance toward truly exploring and devoting myself to expressing my own Divinity. The idea that I would become a sadhu waking the land emaciated and naked except for a cloth around me and a bowl for begging. 
A mentor years later laughed when I shared that. She said “Oh, Melani! You’ve already done that many times. You are so done with that.” 
Or listening to the “voice of God” that got me to uproot my whole life, leave my father toward the end of his life and move to Ashland. How magically and synchronistically everything lined up. And how I spent more time with my father in his last year than I would have if I’d just been a ferry ride away. 

I thought about many junctures when I was called to something off the beaten path and could not know the outcome. Sometimes I was truly terrified. And. I always said “Yes.” Sometimes it was a  loud whooping “YES!” Sometimes a whisper. A few times a hoarse croak. 
Every time I came to a juncture I checked inside. I checked my body. My belly. My heart. And I said, “Yes.” Sometimes it took longer to get to that affirmative than others. 
Sometimes, almost always the results, the path was not anything I could have imagined. My very worst fears never materialized. Even though some of the experiences were extremely challenging – the adventure actually just got better. 
This is what I pondered as I walked that path in the shadow of Shasta that day. 
Looking down, breathing in the forest scent, I saw an Osprey feather at my feet and stopped in my tracks. 
I believe in signs, I believe that we are always getting messages from the world around us. 
I took a big breath, fully surrendered to my toes. I looked to the Heavens and said, “OK! I’ll do it! I’ll share my gifts. 
I’ll do whatever you would have me do – even if it looks like channeling Yogi Bear.” Because at the time that was the MOST ridiculous thing I could think of and I was very, very sincere! 
Then I laughed and my whole body relaxed. 

That moment has led me here. It’s been a truly incredible ride listening to inner guidance and following that. Over and over. I won’t say it’s always been easy, however it has been increasingly fulfilling. 

As the year turns, as my authentic uprising has increased over the last many months I once again have come to a juncture, a choice point that felt a bit like an internal dividing line. 
My lovely intuition, inner guidance tapped me on the shoulder once again. She has been very busy of late and is really quite persistent sometimes. FYI – we have also been known to argue just a bit. 
She had another idea of how I might share in support of other humans. 
I was excited and intrigued though again it’s not something I’ve done in a long time or in this way. 
Then doubt arrived. All the reasons why not. The urge to conserve, time, money, energy. To not risk. To play it safe. 
I allowed all that to wash through me. Paid attention to my body. My belly. My heart and   a deeper, quieter Truth surfaced as it moved through. 
And once again I was called to step forward in trust and faith. I made a renewed agreement with the Ineffable energy that flows through me expressing as this Life stream that I will do what I am shown to do. I am committed. Again. 
I will have fun doing it. I will show up as open, willing and fully as possible.  
I believe we are all being called to show up ever more fully as our authentic, brilliant selves. 
To unwind patterns on all kinds on all levels holding us in bondage to ideas and norms that are no longer generative or fruitful. Patterns created for survival. 
Change is certainly “in the air”
The wave is big. 

In the last week I’ve had the great joy of having conversations with a few wise men who’s job and gift it is to read the chi of things. A bit like me. 
We all agree – the energies moving under the surface the last month are like nothing we’ve yet to experience in our lifetimes. No. Small. Thing. We each have five to six decades under our belts. 
Hmmmmm… big shifts inside and out. 

This heralds great change. There is an air of excitement about it all. And a certain unease as well. We are now fuly off the known map. The time of greatest potenital.
Deeply hidden aspects rising to the surface. Some to release. Some to more fully embrace. 
Once again that tap on the shoulder, that insistent intuitive nudge is just not leaving me alone. 
How do we catch the wave moving across the planet and ride it to shore? 
Time to simultaneously hang on and let go. 
As I pondered this I heard – 
Share with others. 
Gather those who are interested.
Who would like some tools. 
A spot of clarity about energies for January and the next few months. 
Perhaps a shift in perspective. 
A time of community. 
Answers to questions

Riding the Wave

January 11, 2023 at 3pm PT/6pm ET 

You will receive…

Transformational Healing Transmission
To align to the energies at play for highest personal potential, to engender ease and flow. 
To release constrictions of mass consciousness and the grip of fear.
To engender self love, restore hope and more. 

Practical and effective tools to support yourself

Information about this “wave” we are riding and how we might flow with it with more ease – cuz the mind always wants to know! 

An opportunity to ask questions 

Community – it helps to know your perceptions are not just yours. 

Being held in safe, sacred space by a trained ritual elder. 


All the important details 

January 11, 2023 at 3pm PT/6pm ET 

Length = 60-75 minutes
Recording included – if you are unable to make it live you may still partake and receive. 

Connect through Zoom 

Exchange = $33

Sign up here. 

The above link will take you to pay. All information to join will be delivered to you via email in a few days. 

I will not be sending a ton of emails out about this. 

Catch the wave now and let’s play! 

I would be delighted to have you – Join me

Let’s do this together!

A few last words…. 
Please remember, dear one  – 

To take some time every day….

To sit and breathe deep into your belly. 
To sing songs to yourself. 
To humm and dance. 
To shake and bounce on your toes.
To slow down and allow yourself to integrate all that is going on.
To do absolutely nothing – if only for five minutes. 
To notice the beauty around you.
To eat and enjoy delicious foods your body loves. 
To come back to your Center as often as you remember.

To tuck yourself sweetly into bed at night.
To hold yourself very lovingly, very gently and oh, so very kindly. 
To say out loud three times – “I love my Life. I love my body. I love myself.” 
To savor the small moments.
May every single day bring you the sweetest gifts of Wonder, Magic and Beauty…  

And when you see them may you remember that these are magnificent reflections of your own amazing Self.