Finding Firmer Ground

Finding Firmer Ground

In Soul by Melani Marx

It’s been a tremendous week or two of shift and shuffle here on planet Earth.

Clients and friends speak to me of being in an in-between-place. Familiar things are dropping away. New and exciting doors opening. Information previously not in conscious awareness is coming into the Light – some of it welcome and some of it not so much.

Some have shared feelings of emptiness – of being hollowed out as these tides adjust. Many have shared a sense of things being a bit “over the top.”   Feelings of unknown agitation and restiveness moving underneath the surface.

The need to drop in and find inner equilibrium is strong.

Searching for stable ground is a pervasive theme.

This is the way of the powerful transformative energies at play right now. It can be particularly acute for those who’s personal planetary constellations are being strongly influenced in symmetry with the momentous and particularly rocky planetary meetings that are taking place in the heavens at the moment.

Exhilaration and freedom in one moment. Awareness of the tight bonds restricting full forward movement in the next. Joy and expansion may give way to clouds of despair and doubt that draw low and hover.

All of this is cleaning us out. Waking us up. Clearing the way for a more Spirit and Soul aligned life – both individually and collectively.

I started an article several times this week and nothing felt quite right. Then the article below which I wrote last year flashed through my awareness. This I offer you is a revised edition.

May it bring support, inspiration and comfort as you open to more of your heart’s deepest desires. As you traverse your own heroine’s or hero’s journey of inner fulfillment and true authentic expression.

At times the circumstances we find ourselves in, the news we hear, the very situations of our lives can send us reeling away from our center.

We find ourselves standing at the edge of the shore, the ground beneath our feet eroding fast as we are pulled under and seemingly swept out into a sea, a storm of heavy emotions. No ground. No anchor. No direction.

When this happens it can be difficult – seemingly impossible to find peace – find a quiet corner within that will enable us to swim with the current rather than against it. To soften in love, so that we may open to the possibility of a larger picture and a new, as yet unseen and never before known destination.

The mind can only comprehend what we already have stored in our data banks.

Fear – although often about the unknown and unknowable future – is always based on and rooted firmly in the past. On what we have seen. In the studied possibilities based on our own or other’s stories, the news, what our past experience and data tells us that could, may, will play out in the future. It is all a fiction.  We tell ourselves horror stories and then we live the terror of that.

There is another way.

We can choose to listen for the Harmony that is the foundation of all Life. It is within you. It is within me. It is within all matter. More certain than the sun rising tomorrow – there is a harmonious organizing principle in the Universe – Love.

Love is the unifying song, always at work in every circumstance. The foundation of everything. The glue that holds the Cosmos together. It is simply that in our finite minds we cannot always grasp this.

Love is far beyond our biological, primitive, survival, instinctual, fear driven mind’s ability to perceive.

The mind – when fear is snapping along your nerve endings – is simply a “survival at all costs,” racing computational machine designed to quantify, sort and organize data.

The unruly, fear-driven mind is very black-and-white.

All or nothing.

Death or glory.

If this – then disaster. The mind when can only call up information that is already known.

In order to rise above fear we must drop below the level of the mind. Drop into our animal bodies, into our hearts and bellies, into the Infinite space within it all.  We must connect to something bigger and vaster than our own limited and finite intelligence. We must drop into the realm of the Spiritual.

Become Alchemists. Magicians. Use our powerful imagination to carry us to shore.

In any given moment you can pause and consciously connect to and come more fully into the Core of your being. The Light, straight from Source Essence, that flows through your spine – your own precious Core Column of Light. You can call in more of your own Soul’s perfect pattern that it lovingly holds for you in this moment – the road map –  the way forward.

Call now on your Soul’s deepest wisdom and steadfast connection to the All That Is.

Deliberately bring this in through the back of your heart. Fill yourself up with it.  See it, imagine it filling every single particle and space of your entirety.

Ask for a healing.

Call on the Light, the Sun, the Source of All That Is to come in through the top of your crown in the form of a golden ball of brilliant healing light. Ask that it move down through the Core of your body, then into your energy field. Visualize this. See it filling every energy center, every organ, every blood vessel and nerve synapse.

Ask the Light of Source to cleanse and realign your heart, your mind, your body, every particle and fiber of your precious and beautiful being.

Ask to release anything that is not yours, anything unseen, unloved, unaligned to your highest good – in this moment. Asking that all that is not aligned to your health and well-being be sent down into the Earth out beyond your energy system. Ask that it transform, transmute, be recycled there back into to pure

Source energy once again. This will free up energy for you to utilize in creating your own aligned fulfillment.

Ask for support. Call in your unseen allies – the Angels, Devas, Beings of Light, your Guides – to surround you, comfort you, be with you – as you do your own inner work.

You can ask for a miracle – not for a particular outcome – but for your own alignment to Love – so that you may be open to a new possibility – to a miracle – to the impossible.

You can breathe. When we are in the throes of fear we tend to stop breathing. We get small. Contract. Where there is breath there is Life.

Keep breathing deep and wide… into your belly… your pelvis… your toes….

Breath in Life –  Love –  Peace.

On the exhale consciously let go of tension, anxiousness – fear.

Close your eyes. Do this several times.

Put a finger in your belly button and give it a tug.

Breathing creates room and space. It connects us to Life. It can help us come home to our more expansive selves.

We can use our bodies to move the energy of fear or anger, doubt or heartache with the directed use of pure creative life force.

You can dance, sing, stretch. You can paint, dig in the soil, rake leaves. You can scream and howl. You can consciously invite that energy to move.

Go outside and be in Nature. Connect to the larger miracle of Life itself. The Infinite wisdom, intelligence and beauty always unfolding in the natural world. Sit for a while. Observe. You can discover your own place in that. You can settle and rest in it.

We can each take control of our own minds – our own thinking – by bringing it back to this moment. To now.

You can cultivate Presence.

This is our work, each one of us individually – to consciously open in the face of fear, doubt, sorrow – to welcome whatever is here – whatever is having its way with you as the force of perfect unfolding. The seeds of the solution, the miracle is already seeded inside. It is already on its way to you.

And you – your part is to be open and receptive. To turn toward Love – toward Beauty – toward Harmony and stand fast in that to the very best of your ability. To develop these muscles. To call in the peace within. To choose to make your own inner peace, your own firm ground, your own connection to Love and the Divine the priority. The focus.

Nothing else matters. This is the ground where miracles happen. Where the impossible meets the possible.

This is where we hear the still small voice that whispers the way forward.

Sometimes we feel consumed by difficulty  – so we need make this a moment by moment practice. An endeavor. A mantra. A prayer. A lifeline – of Peace. Of Love. Of Hope.

When we keep coming back to this. When we deliberately turn our eyes, our minds, and our hearts away from fear and into the arms of Love.

This is how we traverse the unknown.

This, dear one, is how we find firmer ground.